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  1. Velken hawkeye... born in the small town of Pavlovo, he was raised a hunter. All throughout his life, Velken was taught how to hold a rifle, how to clean it. He was shown how to skin animals and make things out of them like food, clothing, and more. His father was the inspiration for his hunting, as it was all he knew. At the age of 7, his father took him out hunting for the first time. With him, he took his first gun, his Sporter-22. That day, after having used guns his whole life up to that point, he killed 3 squirrels. As he was bringing them back home, he asked his dad, "Didn't these animals have lives too?" His pops smiled and responded by saying that all living creatures had lives, but the food chain showed that we were on top, and that we had natures right to hunt. After that, Velken never questioned the hunt again. He is now 14, and has been hunting for 7 years. His shot rings true against his targets, and his belly is never empty. However, he finds the hunt starting to get boring. Animals all do the same thing, run, stand still, look around. You can fool them by not making noise, or fool them by simply never going near them. It has become just completely boring. He still hunts animals for necessity, but maybe he could find an animal to hunt for sport? By 16, he found that animal. He set out one day with his dad, as his dad wanted to hunt a new animal with him. Velken didn't question when his dad handed him a gun he had never fired before; a blaze. He took the blaze in his hands, the weight surprisingly light for a very strong firearm. As the went out deep into the woods, darker and darker did the night come, and they had to spend the night in the dark. The set up camp in a lower part of the forest, and slept through the night. The next morning, everyone was fine, except in the distance, you could hear the growls of something menacing. The bear. As Velken got up, his heart started racing. He grabbed his blaze and made sure he was ready as his father woke up just as quick. When they left their tent, they looked around, making sure there is no other animals around before heading towards their prize. When they reached sight of the bear, they stopped. They crouched down and Velken raised his weapon. It was heavy in his hands has he looked down the scope. He lowered his aim right behind the shoulder blade, a bit higher up then most other animals, and waited for the perfect shot. And then.. it came. The shot ringed out around the woods as two bullets fired from the blaze at once, piercing straight through the bears heart. That was his first bear hunt. Months before the outbreak, he had grown tired of hunting animals again. His father had died just last year and he was on his own. He decided to set out and live in the woods for a time, trying to find new excitement from the hunt, but still hunting for necessity. He has lived in the woods ever since, not ever even knowing about the outbreak in the first place, that is, until one day, he heard a stumbling through the woods. He looked around until he found the source, a person walking through. He reached his arm up into a wave and yelled out "Hey". The figure turned towards him and stopped for a moment, and that's when Velken saw it. He saw rotten flesh hanging from its face, all before it let out a bellowing scream, and came charging towards him. Velken stopped in fear and quickly rose up his rifle, yelling out for them, to stop, all before that familiar sound rang out. He shot it right in the chest, and it stopped for a second, and then looked back. He shot all but his entire magazine into the creature before it couldn't move anymore. It's teeth still gnashing at him trying to feed on him. And so he shot the final place that he hadn't hit, the head. The gnashing stopped and the arms stopped reaching. He had found his brand new prey.
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