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  1. i was born and raised in Detroit. with my mom out of the picture because she died while i was younger and my dad always in and out of jail i was forced to live with my grand parents. And with me knowing that there will never really be a hole for me with my grandparents getting old and my dad would never really have a stable home for me i started saving up money trough out high school to be able to move out of the country. ive always wanted something new and knowing that i planed out a trip to where ever. i planed to go by boat since i hated planes. Also knowing whats going on with some sickness goin gon in the world i felt like a boat would be the best place for me at the moment. but little did i know the boat would end up going off coerce because of a storm. last thing i remember is water shooting up on the boat. i woke up on shore and now im at a place called chernarus. i dont really know whats going on but im just happy im out of Detroit.
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