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  1. Gerry Walker grew up in the oilfield towns of west Texas. His family always moving due to his father working in the oil business. Gerry gained the nickname of "Gerry with a G" after having to correct schoolteachers and friends who would commonly misspell his name. After graduating high school, Gerry wanted out of west Texas and away from the oilfields. He ended up joining the U.S. Army and served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gerry had a good career going in the military. Not exemplary, but still good. However, that changed after his second deployment to Iraq when his best friend, Josh, was killed. After losing his best friend in Iraq, he became very depressed and drank a lot. This led him into getting in trouble while in the military and he was eventually discharged. After being discharged from the military, Gerry tried to find employment with odd jobs here and there. It didn't matter as he wasted his money on booze and women. Then it happened. It started out as a normal night at the bar, but Gerry started hitting on the wrong woman. Her boyfriend wasn't to happy and fight broke out. Gerry's military training took over and he came out on top before they were both kicked out of the bar by the bouncers. The other guy, however, refuse to accept defeat and confronted Gerry in the parking lot. This time it escalated when the man pulled a gun. In the end, the man was dead and Gerry had the gun in his own hand. The guy's friends and girlfriend were the only witnesses. Seeing how there was no way he could prove he was defending himself, he ran. He ran not only from the cops, but also the dead man's "family". Gerry learned that the man was connected to organized crime and a "hit" had been put out on him. Gerry was able to make it back to his apartment and grab a few things: clothes, cash, passport. He sold some stuff at a local pawn shop for some more cash. Gerry hid out in a sleazy motel for a few nights but he needed to disappear and go somewhere that no one would look for him. Then it hit him as he watched the news on TV. Chenarus. A small country in political turmoil. No one would ever find him there. Gerry used every last bit of money he had to get there by bribing a ship captain. Gerry also had to work on the ship doing jobs other crewmembers didn't want to do as he didn't have enough money to cover his passage. During this time there was a new threat in the world. People started becoming violent and going into a frenzy. Some called it "The Outbreak" while others called it the "Frenzy Flu". Either way, if you got it, you became something primal. It was getting bad. So bad that civilization had fallen in Chenarus and because a simple lighthouse was not working, the ship that Gerry was on ran aground. Gerry didn't know if there were other survivors from the ship. All he knew is he woke up and he was alone in a strange and uncivilized place. With his escape a success, he now had new priority: survival.
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