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  1. Life before the outbreak: Stefan Ioan or "Steve" as his friends from the online world call him, was born in 22nd of December in the year 1995 in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. During his childhood he would spent most of his time learning about computers and playing videogames. After he finished high school he used the knowledge he had obtained to apply for a job as a computer engineer somewhere in the city. Besides Stefan's passion for computers and playing videogames he enjoyed a lot to go into trips. With the money he had obtained so far he planned a long car trip to visit the eastern side of Eurasian. During the outbreak: Stefan was at the end of his trip. He was in Chernarus and stopped at a random gas station because his car had a flat tire. As he got out of the car he noticed that everything was dead silent and decided to get inside of the gas station to ask for help because he decided not to bring a spare tire. He didn't even managed to open the door properly as an infected jumped him. Stefan almost got away from that encounter as the infected managed to rip apart some of his clothes. Once he managed to escape from the grasp of that infected he tried to run for the car but it was surrounded by those infected with the virus. In order to not drag the attention of this foes he decided to run through the forest. Lonely and scared after that encounter he refuged into an abandoned hunting hut in the forest. Life after the outbreak: As days passed Stefan unfortunately was left with no supplies since he used everything that the hunting hut had in it. He decided to venture outside the walls in order to get some supplies to survive and maybe to find a radio to try and request help.
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