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  1. Is it possible to get back the money I put in for items. Thanks.
  2. Thanks to Lettuce and Tristen.
  3. With respect. It sounds like you are playing a different game to me. I have not found a single knife and only one hatchet in 7hrs of playing- I went through every house in Zelengorsk. Is it possible that all the stuff I need is being horded by groups etc in bases. I have never played on such a seemingly bare server. I freely admit I'm a nube. How long did it take you to survive more than 20 mins? Thanks
  4. Some advice please guys. I've come from public servers to avoid kos guys. But I am unable to survive for more than 20 mins at best. Seems like less loot more zombies and the need to make a fire every 5 mins. So obviously plenty of people are thriving. How do you guys do it? Thanks
  5. Yes. sorry. I am a dinosaur. I assumed you needed all the mods in the steam list in the order that steam list them. Of course. The Namalsk mods would not be required for Chernarus. My apologies. Jamie
  6. Thanks Lettuce. I tried that. Is it possible to have the wrong mods. Like the Namalsk ones if i want to play Chernarus? Thanks again
  7. Hi guys. I'm following all the instructions and i cannot find the server. I'm searching for dayZRP.com but 0 servers found. Any ideas. Thanks in advance
  8. Westley Smith, aka Smithy. Born in Hastings England to parents Michael and Carolyn in February 1977. A City and Guild trained Carpenter of 20 years. A quiet man. Married in 1999 to the love of his life Jane. Only to have his heart broken a year later when she passed away from a rare and aggressive cancer. Westley was a lost soul, losing touch with friends and family. He became a sad loner with nothing but anger and resentment to the rest of the world. Throwing himself into a downward spiral of obsessive drinking and drug abuse. Barley hold down his job. But that all changed in the summer of when a chance visit to an RSPCA animal shelter led him to the second love of his life. A large Cane Corso named Freya. She was due to be euthanized that day as the shelter had been unable to rehome her due to her unpredictable nature and sheer size. But after staring into her deep brown eyes Westley knew he couldn't leave her. Slowly Freya and Westley bonded. Freya becoming more predictable and trusting Westley more and more and Westley finding new meaning in life now he had more responsibility than finding enough money each month to drink himself into oblivion each night. Westley found himself becoming more and more interested in the outdoors and nature. now that he had a good reason to be out there. He found it so enjoyable that when he started to take long vacations hiking and camping with Freya. When Chernarus reopened its borders in January of 2020 the lure of wide open spaces and cheap living was too much and Westley packed the van and he and Freya started the long drive across Europe looking for adventure. The first week went well with Westley and Freya sleeping in the van at night and taking short hikes during the day. When on the monday of the second week Westley and Freya were crossing a small stream when Freya started to bark uncontrollably and ran through the trees out of sight. Westley followed as fast as he could, following the sound of her barks Westley emerged into a clearing. What he then witnessed would change him forever. Freya was surrounded by six screaming men and women. Standing on all four more like animals. Before he could get any kind of grasp of the situation all six pounced on Freya and began ripping her to pieces. He would never forget the heart rending howls as Freyas life was ended in such a brutal fashion. In shock Westley ran from the scene as fast as his legs would carry him. Almost knocking himself out on a tree as bind panic overtook him. Arriving at his van he could barley get the keys in the ignition his hands were shaking so much. Starting the engine Westley fled the area. Slowly over the next few days Westley began to process what had happened. He knew of the previous outbreak but the world had been given the all clear. Westley was beside himself with guilt and grief. The sensible thing to do was get the hell out of Chernarus. But Westley had a new purpose. He had failed Freya, but he would not fail again. He swore he would never run from the infected again. He would kill every infected on this god forsaken land or he would die trying.
  9. Np. i am not whitelisted yet. Having a little trouble with writing my back story. Hope to see you in game some time.
  10. I had the same problem. You have to read the rules very carefully. The pass phrase will be a combination of letters that make no sense at all. Like "zrpseft". It took me a while. Best of luck.
  11. Alrighty then!! Disregard previous question please. I have the perfect story. Hope I get approved. My boy has some serious payback to inflict. Westley Turner.
  12. Finding it hard to create a decent back story. I've read the timeline of Chernarus and it seems highly unlikely that any one from another country would still be in Chernarus at this point in time. I can see that tourism opened up on the 1st Jan but the escalation of the virus was so slow that foreign nationals would have left by now. My plan was to have been celebrating my birthday combined with a stag do and then being unable to return to England etc. But this doesn't really seem realistic. Sorry for being a nube but I really am one and this is the first time i have ever created a fictional character and I would like to get into it. So it must be believable. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Jamie (Westley Turner)
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