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  1. Born in the United Kingdom. During his early years, his Chernarussian accent began to really develop when his father would be his only parent. Jamie at high school would work very diligently and humbly, always getting work done and proving to be a smart but efficient worker. Jamie during high school had an interest in computing, as he progressed towards his college life, things began to turn grim. His friends turned away by his foolish behaviour, family pulled apart over siblings and the loss of his cousin, Bella Garg. Bella Garg was a detrimental part of his life as they lived akin towards brother and sister, the loss of her made Jamie move apart and live somewhere else. Taking up an economics degree, he had seen many bright futures of himself within the Russian Federation. As he moved here to a small apartment block in south Zagoria, things went well for awhile. He heard news of an outbreak of a virus, as a frantic panic ensued, no normal escape seemed to be any use so he headed towards the woods. He had tried to make contact with anyone he could whom he knew from his family or friends however the systems in place seemed to have problems so he travelled somewhere for now. The woods housed many lodges, many clueless of the news, would be quick to take Jamie in and shelter him for the future. A small wood lodge could only provide space and food for a limit amount of time before others come or food runs dry. Due to this fact, Jamie attempted to scour forward to seek shelter for himself and basic necessities.
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