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  1. Jasaz


    Heya all, Am 21 and from the netherlands. Joining the server on recommondation from a friend and since Dayz was looking fun. Gonna take a few more hours before i can get whitelisted though since you have to have 10 hours played and i just bought the game but we'll be alright. Made my character already (https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5608/) and trew a message in looking for group for if anyone wants to show new me some of the more defined ropes xD Hope to soon be playing with ya'all
  2. IGN: Tobias Sturhman Country: The Netherlands English Skills: Fluent DayZ Standalone Expirience: 10 hours (Bare minimum for the server hence) Looter/Shooter Expirience: Several hundred/thousands of hours in games like Arma 3/Escape from tarkov, coming up to 1500 on the later Roleplaying Expirience: DnD (Mostly DM but also player), Several Heavy rp guilds in games as SWTOR and WOW, Arma 3 Milsims What kind of IC role does best describe you: I'm a more passive player in these types of games, prefering to go for a more looter approach than pvp and trying to stay friendly with whomever i can. Have you ever been in any clan/group previously: Not in DayZ Additional Notes: Honestly just looking to see if i can find some people to hang out and play with as well as show me some of the more detailed ropes to playing this game. I know my way around roughly but i could definetly use a little guidence at times and just playing with multible people is more fun imo. I'm 21 and although not from a native english country i've been told my accent is very manageble if not barely noticable by others i've played games with in the past. As a fair warning i do like to talk and get to know who i'm playing with. Expect a fair bit of random chit-chat if talking ooc. Also if my character has to be somewhat changed to fit in with a group that i play with i'm not opposed to such. Best way to contact you: GhostlyFigure - Jasaz#0001 Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5608/
  3. Pre Outbreak: Tobias Stuhrman otherwise known as Toby to relatives and friends was a firefighter and recreational hunter/survivalist. Born in 1986 in the small town of Füssen between the southern german alps he was exposed early on in life to hiking, skiiing, rafting and other outdoor activities centered around the mountains and the woods by his father. As he grew up he continued to keep interest in the outdoors, picking up hunting over his late teen years although it was never more than a weekend hobby of his. After finishing collage he would become a firefighter in the local area of his hometown, spending several years in that profession before starting as a voluteer in the Alpine Rescue Team to put his skills to more use to help others. He would continue to keep this untill almost up till the outbreak, having been off the rescue team for a year due to an injury sustained during one of the operations in the mountains. Right as he was about to join back up with both his jobs something happened that no-one could have predicted.. Outbreak: Tobias most likely got saved by his injury sustained in the mountains. At the time of the outbreak he was on Chernarus on a hunting trip, having healed up properly and wanting to use the last of his free-time before work to spend some time doing what he liked. However as he decended down the mountain towards the hunting lodge he had occupied he ran into several infected. When trying to interact with them he was suprised to be attacked out of no-where, barely escaping from a small pack of infected as he fled back up into the mountains. He would spend several days up in the mountains, hunting/gathering for food and using the emergancy sat-phone he had to try and get updates on the situation but to no avail. After aproximately a week and a half with dwindling supplies and needing to at least do something to try and find out what was going on he would decend from his hiding up high to try and scavenge what he could and meet up with anyone who could tell him more.
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