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  1. Matt Stevens was born into a live of of absolute chaos in Sparta, NJ. His dad ran coke for a small time dealer whereas his mom was a methed up stripper who didn't remember who he or his dad was half the time. So, it wasn't a huge surprise when he turned 18 he found a new family. A support club for the local charter of the Hell's Angels. He started out small as a prospect, gun assembly, support runs for the Angels gun drop offs, protection, extortion. Upon Patching in to the club the Angels were being pressed on by a rival mc which left them no choice but to patch over Matt's small time club. Matt lost himself in the glamor of being an angel, everyone know who he was and it didn't matter if you liked him or feared him, you respected him. He went from being a petty criminal to expanding his rapsheet with murder, arson, mass drug distribution. 8 years of this being the life he knew he wanted and he found himself at the head of the table. It was there that his world fell apart, facing pressure from the A.T. F. one of his patched members flipped on everything the charter did, giving up Matt as this ring leader of evil. Causing the charter to disband and Matt with nothing but the kutte on his back to take off to Chernarus. Upon landing in Chernarus he realized something wasn't right. Streets were empty, no kids playing. He found a paper lying in the road, he couldn't read russian but he saw what looked to be a hospital and exclamation points, he knew it wasn't good, he just didn't realize how bad it truly was.
  2. Charlie was the son of a new york city policeman. born, March 18, 1998. He was a happy baby, born to a happy family. His mom was a school teacher. Lived a normal life until he was 18 followed his father's line of work becoming a police officer, he was a cop for 2 years before he found out the military inhabitance in Chernarus had fallen. The United states government was now sending anyone who was remotely combat trained overseas. He was petrified, however he was going to do anything he could to help. Two years into being settled he never left his compound out of necessity, the radio and updates have fallen silent so now CJ is off looking for answers.
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