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  1. Thank you again!! If anyone happens to see this I got a question about whitelist...didn't have to deal with this amount of traffic in the app. que, but I've noticed I keep getting leapt in front of. was 32, then 33, 34, now 35. What gives? When did the community do this "premium" shit. Kinda surprised at that not gonna lie. Kinda upsetting.
  2. Thank you guys!!!! That means more than you could imagine. I'm waiting patiently, just finalized the whitelist app. Time to get re-acquainted with actual DayZ game mechanics. RP is something you never lose
  3. Louie was born in Detroit, MI on May 21st 1995...perhaps this was the worst time for a young white boy in the D, but with a level-headed, calculating mentality Louie managed to persevere. His father left the family behind when Louie was only 3 years old. His mother worked 2 jobs during the week and bartended on the weekends. For the most part Louie was left to fend for himself most of the time. He had no siblings and he preferred it that way. It might be safe to say that Louie has never been the nicest of people...when he is though its usually for the benefit of himself. His mother never really had the time to find out the psychopath her son was, but thats not her fault and Louie doesn't blame her. If you saw Louie walking down the street, you'd have nothing but positive thoughts. In fact you might feel a sense of captivation. As charming as a snake. Now that you know the kind of human being, I the narrator, am putting up for display lets dig into where the man stands today and how exactly he got there. Louie managed to move out of his poverty-stricken environment known as "Detroit" and settle in a town in the suburbs "Brighton", as many would figure one would be grateful to move from such a place, and he was but its not the crime that deterred him from the city, the kind of person Louie is, he grows bored quite easily. His thirst quenched for adventure, he grew a strong lust to wander the world but not without some sort of action, with that meaning violence. He started researching about YPG fighters and anti-terrorism units and militias created over seas in the middle east. The internet is a very powerful, large source of information and communication, which led him to link up with a man named Mustafa Kaya, a turkish man who had posted up in a town right outside of Istanbul called "Gebze". Over the course of the next year Louie acquired all the essentials needed to take this journey. He knew he'd need a passport, ID and then some other utilities, not too much to weigh him down physically. Nothing is capable of weighing on Louie mentally. Finally when the time had come Louie said no goodbyes. His mother had been working in a diner in Roseville (Suburb of Detroit) when Louie up and left one day. Louie's course of travel went as so; get on a plane from Detroit Metro Airport, stop in 2 different, irrelevant countries, take off #4 puts Louie in Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow Russia, his path then led him across the border into Chernogorsk, Chernarus where he would take a boat along the coast of Georgia and Turkey destined for Istanbul. Louie would never make it out of Chernarus. What he had come across was death and abandonment, demolished houses, dead bodies everywhere. The man was not put off by this but it is not what he had expected to come into, especially so soon before he had even gotten to the real action. It was like a tornado of fire managed to burn and destroy everything in sight. It was complete chaos and now realizing no one was even present at the docks in which Louie's boat would depart from. Louie sat down on the dock which was nearly about to collapse, to think for just a moment about his predicament. Asking himself what he can possibly do he stands back up to be greeted by a sickly old Italian man who couldn't of been but 90 pounds. Looking at him, Louie couldn't help express a disgusted reaction at the man. Whether that instilled the old man to do what he did is a mystery, for anything seemed plausible in this new-found "no mans land". The old man un-holstered a 9mm handgun and proceeded to rob Louie. It needn't be said the 25 year old young man could of easily prevented that from occurring but for some reason unknown to even me, he didn't. Although it's entirely true that Louie's intentions were never bound to be beneficial to anyone but himself, but without intent you still have this hopeful act of kindness. With the Turkey endeavor, perhaps he just had a bloodlust that was yet untapped. Maybe he was to then track and kill this old man and recollect his belongings. It's hard to say you know anyone to the core, no one can pass a convincing judgement about you because you will always simply be whatever you conceive to be. What Louie conceives to be, is a wolf. Wolves survive. Morality has no power nor say when it comes to surviving......or perhaps only when all has gone to shit.
  4. Waddapppp pimps, I played on DayzRP loooong long ago. back in 2014-2015. Currently in the process of talking to steam support to get access to my old account so I can hop in and meet some new friendly faces. (new account so still gotta whitelist nbd) Just wanted to greet you all as a humane individual NOW...so you dont mistake me later.
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