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  1. Boris was born in Norilsk in 1969, his parents Leon Abramov and Naima Abramov were a maried and happy couple when Boris was born, but the more Boris grew older the more he was starting to be a kaid, when he was in Elementary school it was frequent for him to get summonded with his parents after robbing a kid's lunch, all this pressure reached Leon and Naima's couple, and his father was really affected by the situation, Leon started drinking more and more, and be violent and abusive with Naima. When Boris was waking up to go to Middle school, it was frequent for him to see blood on the walls. Eventually Boris cracked, and during a domestic violence that was going too far, he took a kitchen knife and sliced his father's throat, he watched his father die slowly infront of his very eyes. His mother froze of panic, and Boris decided to leave the house without saying a word. At the age of 19 in 1988, he is incarcerated in the Prison of Norilsk for the duration of 30 years, for the murder of his father. He spent most of his time doing sport. Boris was almost never speaking, rare are the ones who heard his voice, but that didn't stop him from getting in trouble, because of his massive and tall muscular build, he was seen as a challenge by most of the prisonners, many were the ones trying to fight him, most of them obviously lost the battle, but from time to time he was getting stabbed by prisonners looking for revenge after a lost battle. Boris eventually got out of Prison, and the first thing he did was moving to a new place, he was tired of Norilsk as too much bad things happened there, so he decided to move to Chernarus.
  2. Francis was born in 1975 in New York City, when he was 10 he and his parents moved to France in Lyon, where he did most of his scholarship. His sister didn't come to France as she was already an adult. At school Francis wasn't the most focused and invested student, he was known for causing trouble most of the time, but after repeating a few classes he graduated High School at the age of 20. After that, he moved to Chicago where he found a job as a Security Guard for a prestigious bank. at the age of 34, he moved to Namalsk because he liked the ambiance of the Island and its culture. We're now 11 years later, Francis is now 45, and is lost in the middle of the apocalypse. Francis is the kind of guy that can turn violent pretty easily but is Neutral most of the time, he'll help you if you're in trouble but he won't hesitate to take extreme measures if you stand in his way. Francis is known to never smile, he just acts in his interests and follows orders, some might say he's a sociopath. But I let you guys make your opinion if you meet him.
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