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  1. In 1997, Liam Walters was born into a Middle Class family in California. Walters growing up never had an idol or father figure to depend on, because of this he spent most of his childhood a delinquent. Upon entering his Adulthood he had initially wanted to become a Photographer, but instead, enlisted into the U.S. Marines at the age of 18 as a last ditch effort after being kicked out of his home on his High School Graduation Day. During Basic Training, he matured into a well disciplined man, finally leaving behind his delinquent ways, he scored exceptionally high on the rifle qualification course, and was offered a spot into Force Reconnaissance Marines. Walters took up this offer and soon enlisted as a Marksman after completing the necessary training. At the beginning of his time in Force Recon, Walters wasn't doing very well with his role as Marksman, due to his fear of underperforming, and risking the lives of his teammates. Weirdly, Walters had taken up wearing a red shemagh around his neck after finding it wrapped around flagpole during his deployment, just after wearing it he started to notice that he started to feel more at ease with it on, and that more of his shots started to hit their target. Walters never left that shemagh behind wherever he went. He completed 3 tours during his time in Force Recon, but during his 4th tour when he was training to earn his Scout Sniper Qualification, one of the other trainees was threatening to kill another trainee. When the threatening trainee pulled a knife from his waist, Walters sprung into action and beat the man to death. Even though Walters' action was seen as Lawful, he was dishonorably discharged 3 days after the event. Now homeless again, Walters picked up a part time job at Mcdonalds to help make ends meet. It was then that Walters met a longtime Military friend nicknamed “Hellcat”. Hellcat offered Walters a better job working for a Underground PMC group under the name of “Task Force Disaster”. Walters, knowing that this was his only chance, accepted Hellcat's proposal and worked with Task Force Disaster. Walters joined as a Marksman under the recommendation of Hellcat, working either as a security detail or the highest bidders personal army man. During March of 2019, his PMC was hired to help escort and illegally evacuate rich businessmen and women off of Deer Isle, and during september of 2019, aided in the work towards securely transporting vaccines, but only to those who paid high enough. In January of 2020 Walters had decided to try and revive his dream of becoming a Photographer,and started traveling where he could in his off time to perfect his photography skills. One of the places he decided to photograph was Namalsk. Walters illegally entered Namalsk after paying the right people, and stayed in Namalsk for a month. When July of 2020 hit, there was no way for him to leave, and no one came to get him.
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