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  1. In 1996, Yenji was born into a pretty poor family in Germany. He lost his parents at the age of 14 and never got to know his sister. He always tried to enjoy life but it was very hard for him. At the age of 20 his best friend died infront of him. He became mentally unstable because of his loss. He didnt enjoy his life anymore and tried to get something to motivate him again. Being alone his amlost whole life he thought to himself he wants to go to the German military. Maybe he would find a new "family" there. He always dreamed of being one of the best Snipers. At the age of 23 he earned himself this Rank. He finally found a new family in his friends who started calling him "Yenji". A few months later something weird was going on in the world. Humans started to turn into zombies and noone knew the reason behind it. The only way to avoid it was to avoid the zombies. His batalion was send to a mission near Chernarus to find and escort the rest of the population there. They landed atan old Airfield near Balota to refill the tanks of the helicopter. Thats when an unknown big explosion went off. After he woke up again everyone was gone and he was on his own again.
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