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  1. Terenti was born in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar in the year 1990. Both of his parents worked in the fields of manufacturing and engineering and as a result, he decided to focus on studying science and engineering throughout his early school years. Although he did relatively well in school, he found it difficult to connect with many of his peers on a personal level and only interacted with a small circle of friends. Afterwards he began studying chemistry and chemical engineering in university in Sochi. After graduating with a degree, he searched for jobs in the area and ended up moving to Namalsk to work as a hazardous waste disposal technician and chemical engineer in various factories around the island. The jobs paid well, but he began to feel isolated due to moving away and slowly losing contact with many of his friends. When the outbreak began on the mainland, he was recruited and quickly trained to assist in the coordination of biological waste created from medical facilities and infected areas. As the outbreak progressed, it became increasingly clear that he was not essential enough to be evacuated with other military personnel, so he began to collect supplies and hunker down in his small apartment block on the island.
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