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  1. Sgt Keen grew up in upstate New York and followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the national guard when he turned 18 after a few years of service he enlisted with the UN and stayed stationed on there eventually raising through the ranks to a Sergeant. He is a trained field medic on his own accord and managed to coordinate many UN peacekeeping missions through his career. Until the pandemic started, Sgt Keen was stationed in Europe at the time the flight ban was issued and was stuck in Europe and he was detached to Chernarus to assist with the quarantine that was underway, his job was to handle security for the medical stations and to supply rations to the civilian populace. Sgt Keen and the rest of the UN detachment arrived shortly after Martial Law was issued and many of the checkpoints were established. Sgt Keen and his squad were stationed at the largest city in the province, a small military compound was already set up when his team arrived to assist the CDF and their attempts to control the outbreak. But after a few days more and more of the infected began to deteriorate and enter the feral stage of the virus and the noise of the compound attracted many infected to the site eventually overrunning it causing hysteria and mass panic through the ranks, some of the CDF fired into the crowds of people and the rest of Sgt Keens detachment soon followed, after a bloody massacre the site was deemed too dangerous and the UN forces were sent back north towards the main military compounds but as Sgt Keen and his squad were heading north a group of civilians opened fire on their convoy killing many of his squad mates. Keen was able to scramble to his feet and flee into the wilderness left to survive until he could reestablish communications with his commanding officers, if they were even still alive....
  2. Aleksandr was apart of the Russian military force sent to namalsk to contain the civilian population that was in good health but as things deteriorated and the city began to fall ill and with the failed attempts of quarantine of the infected some of his fellow soldiers began to fall ill and alek was no exception he also began to fall ill and he was put into quarantine with the others. And as the Military began to pull back to the mainland alek broke out of the containment and tried to flee and catch up to the ships leaving the harbor but to no avail as he was stuck on the island. Days go by and alek actually began to improve with his illness, it appeared in all the commotion he was wrongly diagnosed with being infected with the flu and had simply gotten a common cold which angered alek to no avail that his commanding officers would allow such a thing to happen and to abandon him on this desolate place. After he began to recover the city began to fall to chaos as the people entered the feral stages of the flu and Alek had no choice but to flee south and try and make it to some of the abandoned Military camps to gather more supplies if he is to survive until he can reestablosh radio contact and find a way off of this desolate island.
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