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  1. Hello respected community, I've just finished the whitelist application, and I am looking forward to meeting you all in the game. My first character Bořivoj Maslow ("The Liar") has an interesting backstory, so I will be glad if you can read it. Bořek's story As a Czech speaker I will put your Chernorussian language skills on the test. Best regards.
  2. The liar I do not remember much from my childhood. Domestic violence and drunk father forced me to lie for the first time in my life, lie to myself, that everything will be fine one day. I loved adventure books and characters were my true heroes. I also loved the school. I loved all the technical things - chemistry, electronics and mechanics. But there was always better amusement. Missed classes have been compensated by cigarettes and cheap wine at the friend’s backyard. High school graduation became impossible due to circumstances, and I was constantly lying to my parents which inevitability turned into father’s violence. On my 18th birthday I have been thrown out from a parent’s apartment and I suddenly realized that I am nothing. No education, no home, no friends. Shitworth. Hope After an intensive period of sadness, rage, anxiety and addictive substances I finally came into the enlightenment. I wanted to be a better person. I wanted to help others and primarily help myself. At that point I filled the application for a local military academy. Everything went well, but I was always the trouble guy. Drinking, fighting with schoolmates, disrespecting the authorities without scruples to anything. Predictable, they sacked my ass out of the academy. Again I’ve been ruined but something weird happened. While leaving the academy building I have been stopped by an unknown person on the main stairway. „Got a minute?“ stranger asked. A Middle-aged man with a sharp look turned out to be the local communist party officer. I was told that a person like me could achieve great things in the service. „Sure. I have nothing to lose anyway“ my broken mind replied. New life Early 1980s I was given a new identity, cover job as the Labor Party associate, nice apartment, brand-new car, some boring tasks to travel somewhere and to deliver a briefcase to some person. I have even managed to find the girlfriend Soňa - the goddess. I lived this life for the next few years and I thought this is the life I have always dreamed of. My profession was to lie everybody around me. Sometimes even I have believed those lies. That picture of a good man with a respected job and nice future ahead. Until everything got messed up. The New assignment is not to deliver but to collect documents from a diplomatic assistant in an unnamed Middle East country. Jump on the plane, spend night with the hookers in a luxury hotel and next day I’ll back home with my beauty. Easy business. Trapped One thing led to another, and I had to use my firearms. There were dead bodies left behind, and I’ve been forced to leave the country in an uncomfortable rush. That job was the breakpoint. I am coming home, and I’ll lie again and again. Lying to Soňa is the easiest task. The Secret Service officials insisted on their official report in direct contradiction with the mine. Situation went so far that I was threatened with a bullet and work camps far east. Refusing the official story was going to make me face the show-trial where I’ll be convicted as the enemy of the state. At this point I was trapped. I was doomed. Again, I lied to myself that there is a way out. Some way I can handle the situation and live the normal life. But under that pressure I agreed to cooperate. Tasks instantly became harder and my lies became more brutal. The bodies left behind me would fill the swimming pool on my garden. Foreigner This cooperation took many years and I had enough. I ran from my life and all the duties at the bureau. We’ve managed to flee the Soviet Union with the help from one of my contacts. South America is the place to be, my naive mind calmed itself. While leaving the arrival hall at the Buenos Aires airport I’ve been stopped by a stranger. “Don’t event think We don’t know who you really are” man whispered while pretending to search something in his luggage. “Step into this car, or you will be placed on the first plane back to Moscow” the stranger added and pointed his finger at the rusty old cab. That was the start of new cooperation. Very same cooperation I was running from. New country and new job, but with old habits and lies. As an undercover agent in a big technological corporation I traveled around the world and performed many actions on industrial plants and power networks. There is no better word to describe those actions than sabotage. I almost forgot about my birthplace as the decades passed by. By the year of 2019 the very special project came in. Sebjan uranium mine. Persona non grata Usual job. Travel to Namalsk under fake identity as a commissioning engineer. Take over the control systems of the plant by installing the Stuxnet virus onto the Sinmatic process controllers. Then secretly ensure that uranium mine and ore processing plant will never reach the desired production capacity. Also create any kind of technical failures and equipment breakdowns. And so the assignment from the bureau continues. With belief that old things are forgotten I had no barriers to do so. Few weeks before the virus outbreak I was preparing an unexpected hard system reset on the plant mainframe when supervisor unexpectedly connected via remote access console and have seen all my “software adjustments”. At that point he compromised me and exposed my activities. It took only minutes for my phone to start ringing. I was clearly told that this is the act of industrial espionage and terrorism aiming at the one of the most strategic plants in the Russian Federation and that I have committed treason against RF which makes me the enemy of the state. I was also ordered to stay where I am to wait for special forces to come for me. Doomed again and I was facing big time now. What if someone accidentally open the old state archives? I left everything behind and ran deep into the forest. That evil virus in fact saved my life when all the law enforcement and military units were relocated from the island. Now I am hiding inside the forgotten cabin. Can’t even start fire because it may attract some unwanted attention. Not able to use a loud gun for hunting. I am freezing and starving to death. I feel constant fear. Not only that, but I am enemy of all. I will be shot on sight if someone recognizes me. I must leave the island somehow...
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