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  1. Coal Bekkett born in Cardiff 1989, he was the son of a British Soldier, his father was never around but he wanted to be like him. Coal had many other siblings 2 brothers and a single sister, he lived in a chaotic household but he was the oldest and needed to be the man of the house while his dad was over seas, and mother trying to control 4 children. Coal was always trying to train to be a Soldier ever since he was 6, he pretended to be a soldier in primary school. When he moved up to secondary school he was eligible to join the royal army cadets, his dream was slowly coming true. Coal was always at the top of his classes because he really wanted this, to be a soldier, protecting his country like all of his family before him. When Coal turned 18 he was spotted and asked to be recruited to the Royal Army, him and his family were so proud of him and congratulated him, after that Coal went through 14 weeks of basic training, and did his first tour in Afghanistan where he showed great compassion, great team skills and he rose to the top fast giving him the nickname 'Alpha' which means Coal was the dominant person, Coal being the best soldier in his regiment. Coal ranked up all the way to Sergeant and was given the chance to do another tour of Afghanistan where after that tour Coal had went further up the chain of command and was given the rank warrant officer class 2 which granted Coal a role focussing on the training, welfare and discipline of a company, squadron or battery of up to 120 soldiers. After Coal did a few more years is the Royal Army Coal was offered to join The Special Air Service (SAS), which Coal immediately took giving him the chance to fulfil his dream on becoming a true soldier. Coal was in many SAS operations such as in 2006 a hostage rescue in Bagdad, where the SAS rescues 3 western peace activists held captive by Iraqi kidnappers, and in 2012 when there was another hostage rescue in Afghanistan where British and American special forces rescue aid workers from kidnappers in Badakhshan Province. After he was in the SAS for a few years, Coal stopped working for the SAS and took a few years to travel the first place he went was Chernarus, Coal stayed in Cheranrus for many months making him unable to exit the country due to the virus that was spreading rapidly, Coal was put into the Jeden camp in the city of Chernogorsk, In April 16 2019, Coal got word the virus was spreading throughout mainland Europe, Coal was always trying to contact his mother and siblings via any kind of communication device he could get his hands on but nothing seamed to work, only a few months later Coal and other people in the camp got word of the new mutation that makes people highly aggressive and was unresponsive to any commands given by authorities. In November 15 2019 the lockdown was lowered and Coal contacted his family straight away and there was still no response. Coal decided to stay in Chernarus. In May 05 2020, only a few months after the New Year celebration, but in the later weeks people started to riot about the lack of information they were getting, about the reason why foreigners were stranded in the country after travel ceased and the fear and unrest of those affected by the quarantine and the strict rules put in place, eventually led to a general unrest and tensions among the people. The people of Chernarus were put into a many other situations, suck as declaring martial law, the power going off, Coal knew he couldn't stay in Cherno any longer due to the bombs, gunfire and many other reasons so Kenway picked up a weapon and left with a few men that didnt want to be there anymore then he did and left the city.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/ Why the verdict is not fair: I don't think it is fair because I got told to change my birth date on my character which I did and my character didn't fall into the lore which I also fixed. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I got told to add to my character which is Edward Kenway and I believe I added a lot to it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be whitelisted again on the website so i can see what i did wrong in my character creation and reapply so i can play on the server. What could you have done better?: I guess follow what the admins said which i think i did but the admins saw something i didnt in my character customization.
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