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  1. Born in Landstuhl, Germany, Jonathan Williams and his family did well enough in the burgeoning city of its time. With his father being within the United States Army, as an E-8, he was fortunate to be born within a United States military installation, earning U.S. citizenship. With unremarkable wealth to his name, Jonathan received a rather painfully average education from his time in grade school and middle school where he excelled in many subjects, developing a particular acumen in history. In 2005, however, Jonathan’s parents were laid off, creating a temporary shortage of money as the family moved east to the nation’s capital with his uncle and aunt who lived in a small suburb just north of D.C. As his parents overcame financial hardship through their new jobs, Jonathan was lucky to be pushed hard to get through his schooling rather than dropping out to help, despite his internal callings. Nevertheless, he finished high school with top marks and was accepted to Georgetown University. Working through his degree in political science with emphasis on National Security, Jonathan developed a special interest in protecting the country he loves and every sovereign citizen. While at the university, he spent an extensive amount of time at Columbia’s famous IBM Watson Lab, due to his expanding love on the cyber-verse, which was known for its cutting edge technology in computers throughout the country, perhaps the world. He continued to work actively with fellow colleagues and mentors as they delved through the wonders of software and hardware, wires and chips, logic gates and binary math. Finishing strong with his head full of knowledge, nerves cooled with confidence, and hand clutching degree. After only a few months of unfulfilling work, a former professor, a close friend, asked him to focus his efforts somewhere new and exciting. This was a bit troubling, but also intrigued Jonathan even further. His future careers in other areas would have to deal with his dull humor and rapid pacing. Jonathan made clear to past supervisors that he constantly needs to be actively fulfilling task or he will get abruptly bored. Jonathan went back to Washington to his recovered family where he started to work for the United States Department of State as a Foreign Affairs Officer. Due to unfolding geopolitical tensions in the world, including the civil war in Chernarus, Jonathan discovered his love with the Russian language, paving his way into the State Department as a reliable individual. He was fortunate to have visited and even worked at U.S. consulates within the Russian Federation. Along the journey, Jonathan ran into an intriguing individual at Mari Vanna. His name was Jason Foreman, an inspiring Dentist. His stop in Moscow was abrupt, as he was headed to his Uncle’s house in Vorkuta Namalsk. Jonathan paused before continuing, hearing about Namalsk and the conspiracies that followed it. The conversation flourished, ending with an exchanged of numbers. Sometime has passed, calls were held, before Jonathan took some leave to enjoy Russia at its finest. A call rang from his pocket, he answered and paused after receiving an interesting twist. He was baffled before showing a smile. Jason invited Jonathan to Namalsk, as he remembered the conversation they had in regard to exploration and culture. Despite his occupation, his Uncle was welcoming. A boat trip there would be its last as news spilled out in regards to a new infection known as the Frenzied Flu. News were scarce, but traumatic in every sense. He was alone with Jason when news arrived that the military personnel on the island were being moved to the homeland, this included his Uncle. Jason and Jonathan maneuvered through their fears and cooperated as they had no choice, but to barricade the home and continue to thrive off the food and water left by his Uncle. Time was out. It was time to venture into this new home, but one thing was certain, Jonathan had no clue what this new world would hold, or any information about his family in the States.
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