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  1. Janek was born in Russia in 2001, Moscow. His mother died at child birth. This is something that made his dad hate him for the rest of his life. While he was growing up he became very good friends with his older brother. While he was growing up his father beat him and his older brother as he blamed them for killing his wife. His father raised both him and his brother to join the RAF and made them both work out often. Once he was 16 he joined his brother in the RAF impersonating an 18 year old as his father wanted to get rid of him. In the RAF he met a guy called Andrei Belov who also joined wh
  2. Tom was born in the UK into a wealthy family, Despite this Tom was an unhappy child due to having no friends. Tom was lonely. His mother did not work but had an extreme drinking problem and made Toms childhood much worse. And his Dad was always away due to being in the Military and always being away at sea. Tom had on smaller brother who unfortunately died due to cancer. this made Toms childhood even worse. Overall Tom only really had one friend in life who was his colleague named Ricky Fire. He was a financial assistant for a law firm where he met Ricky fire whose father ran the company, When
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