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  1. Hello mr book! I didn't do much today, but I saw Tregg again! He took my note so I need to write him down! I built more of the pub and after I decided to go to the hospital. I forgot to bring food but it was okay. I met Valan and he was happy. I hung around a bit before Treg asked if I wanted to go bake cookies! I like baking cookies! I don't know how to do that though. We got some cookies and Tregg gave me a purple unicorn! I lost my unicorn from the other night so I was really happy! We went to the Berrizino pub and danced a lots! I saw Millie there and talked to her for a bit before she and her friend had to go. Were they driving Tree's car? Then someone yelled scatter! I ran away as fast as I could! I went aaaalll the way home! Although I think I lost my purple unicorn. I got home and Kane helped me build more! Did we always have three hatchets? It's okay because we stored a bunch of longs in a barrel! Tomorrow I might go find some sharp stones to fix all the stuff. I'm really tired now though so I want to go to bed. Good night mr book and sleep tight
  2. Dobry den mr book Today was exciting! Kane and I fixed up the bar so that it was more secure! He and I did more stuff then my dad came home with a new puppy! Kane and I had fun with the puppy! Tree showed me more stuff too! He's now part of the family! His name is Tex! Kane is like a big brother! We took Tex to the hospital because he got hurt! We got him fixed up and all went back to the bar with a lot of people! But then Callahan came by and told everyone to put their hands up! It was super scary but he was trying to kill a bunch of Canabals! It was scary! Everyone was okay though. Callahan told me to take everyone out while he talked to the cannables. We all went off and got a bunch of planks and came back to one of the cannables being dead! There was one more crying about his brother and Tex wanted to talk to him. Tex said that he did a bad thing to Tex. We took the cannable to the dock so that we could let him go. That's what Tex wanted to do. But the cannables brother's came by and knocked out Kane and my puppy! Elich and I got all their stuff inside tho and they're okay. Elich is staying with us now. I taught him how to tan leather and fish. We worked on the watch tower and everything seems better now. I thought Elich was going to be a problem but I think he'll be a good part of the family. That would be fun! He's part of the bar now! Tex - My new puppy! Tree brought him home! His face looks like a big smile! I need to teach him. Elich - Our new friend at the bar! Maybe he can be part of the famliy too? Dobrou noc mr book
  3. Hello mr book I've missed you mr book! Im really happy you're back and I hope i dont lose you again! I dont remember why you left. Did I give you away? Jackson brought you back but you seemed different. Did someone earase your memeory too? Callahan came by to Jackson and mine new bar! He was scary but he only asked about Jackson so I ran around a tree to be distracted from the crying. I went to bed and woke up the next day finding a lot of blood in the front of the pub. I don't know what happened. Why am I here? Im so far from Berrizeeno and I don't remember why. Jackson hasn't come home in so long. Im really lonely. I get lots of food for the pub. No one comes by that often. I need a wire too. Wasn't Valan supposed to live here too? Millie came by! So I wasn't lonley forever! She took me to her farm and asked a lot about Jackson. I told her a lot too! She said Jackson is controlling. What does that mean? I gave you to her and she fixed things and helped me remember. I forgot about dad. Why would Jackson erease him? I rewrote you all in pen! Jackson shouldn't have hurt you. It makes me sad when you're hurt. You're the only one who tells me the truth. It's okay though because I'll never let you go again! I went home when Jackson radioed me that he was home! But he wasn't there. He said he was still in Barazeeno. Why would he lie to me? Someone new came by the next day. His name is Kane. He's very nice to me. Tree came by too! I missed him too. Dad said he needed a radiator so Kane and I went to go find one. All our money together wasn't enough so dad had to get one from someone else. He asked why I was builded so far from everything and I don't know how to answer him. He told Kane and me to jump into the car and he'd take me somewhere closer. I think I fell asleep on the way there. I was really tired. I think Kane is like Millie. I don't know if that's good, but he's nice so it's okay. Dad says that if I see Jackson I need to tell him. I don't know if that's a good idea. I haven't seen him for so long and I dont know if Ill see him ever again. Tree dropped Kane and I at a house. He said we could live here since it was closer to him. Im okay with that. Its too far from Svet tho. Oh well. I want to make a garden soon. Maybe tomorrow. Goodnight mr book and thank you for listening.
  4. Ya that's me! Too bad it's not Jackson's bar anymore!
  5. After the shooting my character stood too the back in a corner and Callahan started interrogating Candy. He said something about Jackson calling him sheep. My character asked what he was talking about with sheep and he said he had people everywhere. The next day I realized that we never talked about sheep OOC and told @Decetheus about it to confirm with him. Edit: I also remember Callahan saying something about Jackson being too cocky for calling him self a shepherd. ( @Decetheus called Jackson a Shepherd dog).
  6. @Decetheus just taught me how to turn on VODs. I didn't know I could turn on videos at the time and I'm sorry about that. It would have been an 11 hour VOD too.
  7. I dont remember about what happened much. Jackson wanted to get everyone together and make peace. He wasnt good at that I think. The mr hospital people came by and said yes. Mr Tree and Jade were there too. I watched them all have fun drinking and all. Then they all left. We should have gone hunting I dont remember all that much but my book needs to go now. Did I pick up a grave? Im sorry mr book. I dont want to remember you anymore. Is it bad that I dont remember why? Whats my job again? Someone said Mr Tree wasnt my dad. It wasnt Jackson but Jackson said I didnt need a psycitrist. I cant live in svet anymore. Where do I go? We cant go back I know.... Maybe Ill meet Victor? I can barely remember the cargo ship. I dont remember why I jumped off anymore. Should I go back to Namalsk? It's too scary What do I do now? Im banished from green mountain aren't I? I might find somewhere to live. I dont know. I havent seen Millie for a long time. I almost had a home like Millie's. We almost had peace. Mr Tree said Jackson wasnt smart tho. Is peace not smart? I dont know what to do anymore. I dont want to be in control anymore. Lets go hide again. But ill forget again. That makes me happy. Goodnight mr book
  8. Hello mr book! Today was nice. Jackson and I wondered around a bit while looking for things to fix the chicken coop. We figured out that we needed a lot of building supplies but all our stuff was badly damaged. So! We collected some things and headed to the trader south! It was really far but we can walk far! Jackson tried barganning with the heli man in the hospital to get a ride but we didnt have enough money. So we walked! We walked for a while before finding a coulpe people at teh gas station ahead and they gave us a ride. The driver said he knew Hector and Jackson did too. The car slipped tho cause we drove into a tree! Everyone was okay. After we got water we went to the trader lady and gave her all our pelts and stuff to stell. We got lots of sharpening stones! Then we went to green mountain! I saw Jade, Han Wee, and other people there! I think one was named Arthur? But then we went to green mountain! Deacon was there and we told him we didnt want to be part of any war of his. I dont think he likes us. I dont believe him. Someone told me we were banished. We went back to barazino and got to the hospital. I took a nap but I woke up walking away from the hospital. Im so confused. Its okay though cause Jackson was there and we got home. And home was on fire. Sunny and Otrygg were there. Sunny thinks it was Nemo. It might have been Nemo. I hope it was. Because if it was the Sparrows, I think we're in trouble. I'll fucking kill them all. Im really tired now mr book. Thank you for listening. Goodnight mr book.
  9. Good morning mr book! I had a great day! Although I dont remember much of it. Jackson and I found Callahan's old pub. Callahan abandoned the pub and I think Jackson wants to abandon his relationship with Callahan's group. There's a war and us two don't want any part of it. But maybe we can make a safe place for people to hang out and talk. We don't want fighting at our pub. We're wondering if we would have a no gun rule. But what if people attack? Great news! I found out Bishop isn't going to sleep forever! But mr Ireland man did... everyone respects him a lot for that. Callahan is really sick too. His gang dont know if he'll make it. They cant go to the hospital cause everyone hates him there. The gang isnt a gang. They're a family, pushed away by the other groups simply because they're friends with Callahan. Why are people like this? I don't know. I dont want to lose another friend. He was very nice to me when he helped me build my home in Svet. It looks like my dad might be the new leader, but my dad doesn't think he wants it. Many say they might all leave. Why are they talking like Callahan is not coming back? Jackson and I got lots of food for the bar, we just need a lot of alcohol. We got tents from the old Svet and are putting clothes in it for anyone in need. We also have rooms now for anyone who need a place to stay for the night. People will pay in rubles, but if they can't pay in rubles they can pay in bullets. I dont know why but I miss Namask. Maybe because it was easier? Not the surviving part. Bishop - Awake Ireland man - Sleeping Callahan - Sick Jackson - Friend
  10. Dobrerano mr book Im sorry I didn't write in you yesterday. But it was really fun yesterday! And interesting! And sad... I was going fishing because I needed food but instead Ray asked me to join her in an adventure! Dad was there too! We went to the place where the sick people were and held up people. I tried to warn Chamelion but I don't think he got hurt. I was told not to take anything because it wasnt ours. They asked questions before we took one of them for a joy ride! Im glad we took him because he warned me that Nemo was looking for me still. Im scared of Nemo and I don't know why. After we let him go we went off to Olsha. On the way someone said my parka was too recognizable so they gave me a white one instead. I dont know why they said this, but I still have my brown parka, I dont want to lose it. I walked into Olsha and talked to blue people before talking to more people who came. I didnt realize it but they were about to do a take over! Someone said to put their hands up and I got on the ground. Mr Ireland man got taken! Mr Ireland man's friend got shot though cause he pointed a gun. I got in a car and everyone started driving away. I aksed how mr ireland man was doing and they said he was drunk. That means he's okay! right? We drove for a long time and I got tired. We all met up in the middle of the woods and everyone left. I found a sign and im very far from home! I got sad but dad says he will help! Today I also found out that Bishop went asleep forever! I hope he has good dreams. Im gonna miss him. I also met Jackson! I like his voice cause it's really deep! But im sad cause I havent seen Valance at all today. Why am I sad? well good night mr book! sleep tight! but don't go sleeping forever like Bishop! Bishop - sleeping Jackson - deep voice
  11. Hello mr book! You thought I would forget to write in you? Did you? Did I? Who knows! Today I built up my fence more! I did as much as I could before my shovel broke. I keep forgetting to get sharpening stones. But then my sister kitty woke up! She and I got her blood so that I could trade with the hospital in Barazeeno. Before I went I got the hole in the fence fixed too! Kitty and I also met three doctor members of the doctor guild who were looking for supplies. Kitty doesn't want anyone to know that it's her blood so I told them I wasn't going to tell them who it was from. Did I check my blood type? I forget. They kept asking so Kitty and I ran to our house and they followed. Luckily we hid before they could find us! One of them started chuckling like a chicken! I was trying not to laugh! It was like hide and go seek! I miss playing that. After Kitty went to bed I went to the hospital. She must have been tired. I got to the hospital and traded the blood for ammo. I met Han Lee, Valance and Eva! Or did I meet Eva as one of the doctors from before? I waited for the doctors to come back and I met Valance... I wonder what he sounds like Before I went to leave I met someone else! I can't remember his name but he wanted to go to the Black water bar! I took him there but I think I lost him because he disappeared!! I got to the bar and met Bishop! He sounds funny and I offered him alcohol for ammo but he didn't have any. Then mr Ireland man came over and he needed to save his buddies! We all went and shot at bandits! I got a brand new gun! I then went home and put everything away before meeting Nemo. Nemo is scary. I took him to the bar, hoping to find people but they all drove away after Nemo tried to show his trick. The crying got louder so I took him to the hospital and walked around. He said he liked my gun and the crying wouldn't stop. So I locked him in a room and ran away. I heard gun shots and ran away as fast as I could! The crying stopped though. I got home and locked my door. I started to organize everything but then I heard Nemo. The crying started again and I just laid there trying to ignore it. Finally he left and I got my fishing pole and big gun before leaving the house to go hunting and fishing. I couldn't find much but when I went to the hospital I heard a big boom! I went back home with my tail between my legs. Now I'm home! Here's all the people I met! Han Lee - Nice Legs Eva - Doctor's guild Valance - Doctor's guild, yes Bishop - Lives in Olsha Nemo - Scary person who kills people
  12. Dorbeden mr book! I remembered I needed to write more stuff down for you. Thanks for waiting! I need to remember the places I've visited so I know where it is safe. Berezino - The Hospital is in a school, The bar has food you can buy and supplies like clothes. Olsha - There is a settlement here and Millie said it is where friends are Svetlojarsk - A refugee camp run by the Sparrows. We live here and there at at least 40? Members that live in Svet. Today I did more house stuff but I ran into a problem! The fence won't go around the fence! So I found out that it will only work if I go next to my neighbor's house! I set a note on there to let him know of the problem and that I want to meet. I then found Chameleon! He brought me medicine to feel better and now I feel real good! He then took me to the hospital and I thought that it was robbed! Then someone named Harry came by and we talked before we found a lady on the roof and she said they were remoldening. I can't wait to see it! I was worried that someone stole all the stuff! Then we went to another place to find all the doctors and I went with them so I could get my chest checked out. We found them and I talked to them before got my check up. The nice man said I would be okay and they would heal on their own. Should I stop working on the fence until they heal? I then went back and met up with my neighbor! Vincent? He said it was okay as long as I didn't do too much and it looked pretty. I like pretty things. I went to go get water and then I woke up in the forest! I got scared and walked until I found another place. I found the bar in Barazeeno and got really happy. I got some good clothes. My new parka reminds me of Aria. I talked to people around the fire and met Jade again! I met some more funny people and they told me there was a country called Greese and a movie called Greese! They also told me what cancer was. I then headed home. I got too tired and lost in the dark blizzard though so I'm gonna sleep in a house I found. I need to write down people I have met incase I need their help. Jacob - Came by plane crash, has scar. From USA (Newyork). Hunting buddy. Brandon - Came over for a wedding as the best man and got stuck (infection). Used to be a USA Gov. Worker. Deacon - Leader of Sparrows (1/ 3) Maverick - Leader of Sparrows (1/ 3) Whim (Whin?) - Leader of Sparrows (1/ 3) Dave - (Has face alteration) Callahan Mcduffin - From Ireland and has a bar near Svet. Chris - No tongue (Carpenter accident while drunk) Daniel - Owns a heli Anna - From Berezino Vass - From Berezino. Was about to work for CLF Otrygg - Knows Jade and wanted to become a psychologist Sunny - From South Korea, looking for Took Took Lazarus - Looking for someone. From Europe (wanted to go to Sweden) Ashen - Strawberry, used to be friends with Millie Ray - Mute, but has a speaker Tree - Old 'friend' of Millie. Dad? Ireland man says he lies Harry - Helps Doctor guild Vincent - Knows Strawberry, Friend of Mr Tree, Neighbor, Share yard, Friendly, Sparrows Please don't lose the book this time. Goodnight mr book!
  13. Good morning mr book! Today I got a new book! Thats you mr book! I dropped my last book in a tiny river and got sad because all the ink cried. I promis to take care of you mr book! We need to write down everything we remember now before we forget or else we wont remember! Rules Don't wander off Don't point gun at people you won't kill Don't hunt alone Never let anyone see my face My Friends These are my friends! I remember their names might ring a bell? I don't know. Aria - Aria is the one who saved me from being alone! She asked if I wanted to come with her while I was scared and I didn't want to at first. Then! I heard Namask scary sounds and changed my mind! Verslauv - Verslauv is Aria's slato? Yes! Her honey! They make a cute couple and I like them together. He's very loud and prideful, but protective of Aria! I heard him talking about when he jumped off a roof to save Aria from a hoard of creepers! That maks him cool? He's teaching Aria Chinorussian! Millie - Millie is fun! She showed me fun things and is very energetic! She even took me to a castle! I don't remember why we went there though. She lives with fruit trees on a farm house. I used to live there too! She helped me learn Chinorussian! Slavormir - Millie's friend! We did fun stuff with him too! I had much fun and I hope we do it again soon! Flip - I almost forgot Flip and I got sad. Flip is my friend and I just found out he wants to travel and collect stories! I hope to get to read them! I think he's pretty cool too! Bear Man - I met him because I went to camp in Fish club and got scared! He sounds like a big bear! He helped me learn Chinorussian! Katterin - She is my roommate! I think she's my sister? I don't know but I like that idea! She told me I don't have to go to the doctors to get my head checked. She thinks I'm good the way I am. Mr Tree - One of Millie's friends? Enemies? He says he's my dad! He also says Millie is my mom! I like that idea. I like having a family. But the Ireland man says he lies. Otrygg - He is my friend because we went on a long journy to go find metal wire. I got sleepy though and almost got bard wired again. He sent me home and I went home. He wants to be a psycologist and told me to go see a doctor for my head! Sunny - Otrygg's friend? Yes! He helped Otrygg teach christianity to me. He is South Korean! I wonder if there is a North Korean? He told me an angel saved me when I jumped off the cargo ship. I wonder if I saw an angel in the woods. Jade - I don't remember who she is. I think she's friends with Otrygg? Callahan Mcduffin - He owns a bar! He also helped me build my apartment, but I don't live there anymore. First It was dark, then I got caught, then I got put in an interogation room! I escaped by picking and ran away. Pirates caught me and I sat with everyone else. Creepers beat up a pirate really bad and I ran away. I grabbed a float vest and jumped off the boat! I woke up on a rocky beach and found a piece of candy in my pocket? My name is Candy! I lived by myself and was scared. The scary storms came and my head hurt. It made me remember scary things. We don't want to remember scary things. I then met Aria! We went to Fish Club and I joined Fish Club! We all then moved to Chernaruas! We went to summer camp and we were at pub! I adventured and saw a tall lady with goat legs! I got drunk with Flip and he took my gun away before locking me in the pub. I like drinking. I went to go live with Millie and we lived on a farm with lots of fruit trees! We had fun with Slavormir and the ticking in my head stopped! It's back now so I have to do fun things again! Three clowns attacked me and I got away because of wolves! I think something is wrong? Now live in Svet! Why am I here? I met Jacob on the way! We went to Svet together and I told Jacob to join me! He said yes! I found a fire fighter helmet! It is fun to wear! We met mr Tree? Katterin and I live in a house now and we're gonna have a chicken farm and green house! Should I sell the eggs to the chicken kitchen? Flip came by later and said hi! He and I ran away from people who said they remembered me. Olag's wife they called me? After a long trip to a car then back home I met more people. They told me to go see a doctor. I don't remember their names. I feel sad. I feel sick, my chest feels weird when I touch it too. Like something is broken? I can't feel any pain? I fell down a mountain so maybe that's how my chest is all black and blue? That's how I lost old mr book in tiny river. What was I running away from? I'm really tired now mr book. I'll see you tomorrow, dorby nos.
  14. Don't forget the freezing toes
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