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  1. Andreas is a young man at the age of 21 . Andreas lived in a small city in Denmark with his girlfriend. Throughout the years he has been going to primary school and is now studying to become a plumber. Andreas decided to travel Chernaus because of his cousin who got lost there during an exchange to another school. While travelling to Chernaus by plane the passengers got a news report about a critical situation that had spread throughout the world. A so called “flu” was spreading aggressively among the worlds population and seemed much worse than the normal kind. The news sends a cold shivering down his spine – it all seemed very strange, but he did not want to worry too much about it. He thought that it might be a new version of the already known “flu”. He arrived at the airport and days passed. The news continued to report about the situation and soon the government joined and started acting strange. All changed from being a trip to find a lost cousin into being about his own and the rest of the world’s survival – quarantine zone was created, and the police were all over the place. People were scared to death because of the situation some even tried to into underground shelters to escape the sickness. While he was fearing for his cousin’s safety the world was terrified by the spreading “flu”. On the 27th of February 2019 Chernaus went into an emergency state, where the states across the country was organized into which ones had the highest infection. The government created special camps to stop the spread and suddenly the trip felt like a bad idea. He just wanted to find his cousin as fast as possible so they could return home, but they could not travel home because the government had chosen to close the borders. He was trapped in a country where he was trying to find his lost cousin, while racing a deadly disease. He was searching for a cousin whom he did not know was dead or alive. The contact with him had been lost for a long time. On the 27th June while searching for clues about his cousin he heard something on the radio. An alarming crackling voice were reporting about an attack that had occurred just hours ago. A man affected by the “flu” had attacked another human being, while acting like a bloodthirsty and hungry animal. Andreas could not believe a word of this, but somehow it all made sense while thinking about the news report from the airplane. The 1st January 2020 the borders opened again, and he was able to start looking for his cousin. He was starting to feel a slight hope about the whole situation. The search was going great until April the 1st where it all changed. The government had stopped their daily reports about the flu and told everyone that it was under control. Was the government hidden something”? Did the government create the “flu”? On the 5th of May it all escaladed and people demanded answers. Andreas was staying behind trying to understand the situation while having a though about his cousin who could be anywhere. On May 10th, his search was destroyed for a while because they all were sent into camps to stop the spreading, but the search did not stop here because they all demanded answers. This led to an escape from the camps. This journey began May 31, 2020.
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