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  1. Aaron Joseph Griselda otherwise known as "AJ" was raised in New York and born in September of 75, AJ found his way to Namalsk as an older man who had been shell shocked from his recent tour in Iraq, Suffering from PTSD he sought to get away from his home and work on healing himself mentally. Fascinated with the idea of living on a remote Island not only to learn to deal and cope with his illness AJ purchased a bush plane in the year of 2018 and travelled to Russia's Island. Namalsk was a remote island occupied by the Russian Federation but little did AJ know what he was getting into when he arrived at the Island. After living there for a couple years he realized things started to become strange. Although he was a very introverted individual AJ noticed his neighbors had become sickly and deranged. When the Frenzied Flu hit his part of the town AJ knew something was wrong and had to figure out how to cope with his mental illness let alone zombies... During his training as a Marine AJ learned hand to hand combat and basic firearm training. AJ was only a basic engineer so he never had the opportunity to truly fight for his country but that didn't prevent him from seeing stuff that would haunt him for the rest of his life. AJ got married in 1995 but due to the PTSD he began to lose his wife due to not being able to fully focus on her or their relationship, troubled, AJ thought to move away from his past and try to create a new, although this was seemingly difficult for him, he began to manage and recover slightly. Him and his Wife never got back in touch which he regrets leaving her behind but they both knew that this was for the better. Present day, AJ is devising a plan against the troubled times he has to deal with in Namalsk, traveling from town to town scavenging and looting for any means of survival. Even though AJ's mind is troubled with trauma he will not settle for anything less than survival.
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