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  1. TextRP

    Some Rule suggestions.

    I forgot to add my opinion to it. I get where you are coming from, but an easy alternative would be saying "Hey, where do you think you're going? We're gonna' sort this out with our fists, fuckface." Or something like that. I don't doubt that people wouldn't oblige.
  2. TextRP

    Some Rule suggestions.

    I think what he is saying is that he wants to be able to hit, strike, or even shoot people who curse another out in a very hostile manner, and then just walk away.
  3. TextRP

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Oh boy! This lovely group is back again, and with an awesome page to boot, and one name I recognize from in game. Nice.
  4. TextRP

    Lore poll

    A generation jump would be pretty cool, so people could be born in the apocalypse, or have people old enough to have been through the whole 1st outbreak ordeal
  5. TextRP

    What sort of hubs / settlements would you like to see?

    A good way to do it would be to have it like how GM was run in 2014. Bring in the cosmetic stuff with you, and take it when you leave. Only leave stuff you don't want.
  6. TextRP

    What sort of hubs / settlements would you like to see?

    I'm not really all too hyped for settlements. I mean, what will they bring? Walled off areas? Pre-fab structures that don't resemble buildings and a large community but instead like 5 people who had a lot of wood and power tools? If they had steel hedge hogs and security booths with those lowering gates then that would be pretty cool, but it just looks to be walls and barriers where you can hide your tents behind. Nothing really too exciting.
  7. TextRP

    If you didn't play on DayZRP, would you still play DayZ?

    I would. There is a charm to taking down a geared squad and making the survivors of the slaughter your bitches under the false pretense of gear and being able to live after the fight. Also that awesome PvP server everyone loves.
  8. Andel, for the most part, had a quiet life in the town of Severograd. His childhood was one of helping his father with chores, doing his homework, and then playing with the other kids in the woods until nightfall. This routine would be set until the civil unrest and eventually war in 2009. Due to where they lived, they were given little options on choosing sides. This ultimately led Andel's family to side with the Chedaki in fear of what would happen if they dared side with the ethnic Chernarussian minority in the north. This would ultimately lead to the death of his father Anton, who when entering his car in civilian clothes, got targeted by NAPA and got beaten to death by a baseball bat. After the war was won with the CDF emerging victorious, life went roughly back to normal, aside from the warrants for arrest for members of the Chedaki being served in their town. Despite the multiple doors busted down over the years, no one ever broke down Andel's door. Once more his quiet life of schooling and then venturing into the forest would continue, all the way up until the outbreak, where he would use the shelter of the woods and its various hiding places to shield himself from infected, and the undesirables.
  9. TextRP

    Shaking down the apple trees and other search for items

    A helpful guide to those new to DayZ. Keep up the good work!
  10. TextRP

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    So, to counteract the dynamic groups being gone, will group membership requirements be offed, so we can have groups of three and four with killrights? Will these be held to the same standard of normal groups, or have some kind of mini-group rules? Will people bother to report others who shoot them after they initiated on someone?
  11. TextRP

    At what point are we giving up on SA?

    I'm just out until they fix that memory leak. It has gotten me killed ICly too much.
  12. TextRP

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    Willow Zaffina? The Family member who visited Green Mountain and either took people off or recruited them. Also Vybor street rats or something like that. I remember sitting up in a GM tower while everyone just died horribly below.
  13. TextRP

    Computer giveaway

    I'd like to join. That'd be cool.
  14. A young man who was raised in the art filled Saint Pete, Florida. His father raised him strictly, and with manners, while his mother was always insistent on making sure he followed his creative side. This lead to Federov opening up a small store for suits and casual wear, in which he managed to make a decent living tailoring suits for business men of all calibers. After he had earned more than required for living for a few months, Federov went on vacation to Chernarus to learn about Eastern European fashion. Following a meet with some of his Father's old friends, and general acceptance with the locals of the suits he made, society collapsed about him. His father's friends showed him a quick lesson about pistols before striking out on their own. From then on, he simply walked alone, but always looking his sunday's best.
  15. TextRP

    Mischief's Art!

    Epic as always! Excellent job.
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