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  1. I like Namalsk because it was more focused on survivng, rather than just looting and being fine. Zombie spawns and wolf spawns were pumped, it was hard to get nice things, and the weather tried to murder you so you had to Bear Grylls it sometimes. Chernarus doesn't really do that.
  2. Pumping hard bass while riding shotgun with 4 gasmask homies in dead silence because they think someone will steal their voice has been interesting to say the least. Namalsk is lively sometimes.
  3. We went back to base, and had a good, silent, creepy time, before I went down south to explore.
  4. Sylvie, had lived a quiet life in Livonia, upon a small farm where she worked with her family raising cattle. On the occasions where she'd have little to do around the farm, she'd roam the country side, and sometimes get a glimpse of the Livonian military training in some sort of exercise, her farm having just been outside the range for relocation. School life went by rather quickly, given that she'd skip over after-school activities to go help the farm, so she never really got close to anyone. Following her graduation in 2018, she'd move to a small cottage, and apply her knowledge she picked up as a paid help on one of her neighbor's properties. Following the second resurgence of the frenzied flu, Sylvie would be laid off, as the farm she worked at stopped their production, and told their help to stay inside. Feeling a tad apprehensive, Sylvie got to packing her bags, and tossing them in the boot of her car as she waited for more news on either her job, or the spread of the virus. At first, it seemed under control, but as they loosened restrictions, things got a lot worse, and a lot quicker. Days and days would pass by with seemingly no end to the rising cases, so Sylvie rounded up a few of her fellow workers, and one of them got the idea to head to the Aegean Sea, as they said they had family there. The trip was harsh, and needless to say, they sustained casualties along the way, while others abandoned the course, until it was just Sylvie in the car. Without the skills needed to navigate, she arrived at a body of water that she thought was the Aegean Sea, and found a boat with a crew, which after needing an hour to convince, let her aboard to set off to an island. It turns out she arrived at the Black Sea, and these fishermen were heading for Namalsk.
  5. Shout out to the quiet collective of people on Namalsk! Found a note that lead me to a city, then to one of you, and the creepy journey took off into what is quite possibly one of the most interesting settings of DayZRP. Also shout out to the kind, yet stand-offish man in a town of one. The relationship between the two groups is interesting to say the very least. Epic first day on Namalsk!
  6. Jiri, despite the upheaval of his home country, the change in government, the war, and all these other turmoils and despairs, had a quiet life. Sure, the occasional helicopter flying overhead, and the distant pops of gunfire were prevalent, but they never seemed to get much closer in his childhood, aside from his father's Mosin rifle. Sure, his mother would sometimes speak in a worried tone, and when the gunshots seemed to be getting a little louder, they'd play a game called 'Hide from the Wolf' in the forest near by in his dad's open back truck, but other than that, life was calm. Following the end of the civil war, Jiri resumed his education at the age of eight, and maintained his grades to be an average student, with a knack for agriculture. He'd spend all of one year working as a farm hand on a rather small wheat field that was maintained by an elderly couple that he could easily hike back to his house from. During one of these hikes, he found his father talking to some other hunters who seemed to wear some surplus CDF gear. He offered a kind wave to the strange men, and went on his way back to his house, though he found their lingering stares to be less than friendly. Jiri meant to ask his father who those men were, and why they'd wear such a dangerous uniform, but the chance would never come as the Frenzied Flu came and disrupted their daily life. When it came down to it, Jiri valued his family among anything else, so when a few of the infected came running for his mother, he grabbed his father's old rifle, and shouted at them to stand down. The only bark they understood though, was that old rifle's bark that laid them out flatly. In a bit of a daze, and troubled at how he just killed three men, he moved to help his family get into his dad's truck, and eventually passed over his father's rifle to him. The gift he got back was a shorter rifle, more akin to his generation, and the advice to stay in his home, and take shelter. Only to leave at night, and hunt when he can. They then drove off, leaving him to watch the family home.
  7. Officer Malikova clicked their radio on once more to reply. "I will await you there then. Do not expect too much of the meeting however. I have obligations to others, and to Chernogorsk." A soft mumbling is heard from Officer Malikova. "It seems everyone is having issues with brakes these days."
  8. Officer Malikova clicked their radio on, and spoke into it. "You can find me in Chernogorsk, as I usually am. If this does not suit you, you can name a place, and I will scout it out. I am sorry if my words sound harsh, but I am uncertain if I can trust you, Mister Red. I do not know how time may have changed one such as yourself." A gunshot sounded in the radio, followed by three more, before the sounds of quick foot falls. "I will listen in on the radio, and wait in the area."
  9. Officer Malikova would hear the crackle of their radio igniting to life with the sound of a ghost. "Of all the people I expected to reach out to me, you were the last, Mr. Red. I am still around. Is Mr. Happy with you? Are we to work together again? Or is this going to be the same as the last? Where we split ways after a while?"
  10. I forgot to add my opinion to it. I get where you are coming from, but an easy alternative would be saying "Hey, where do you think you're going? We're gonna' sort this out with our fists, fuckface." Or something like that. I don't doubt that people wouldn't oblige.
  11. I think what he is saying is that he wants to be able to hit, strike, or even shoot people who curse another out in a very hostile manner, and then just walk away.
  12. Oh boy! This lovely group is back again, and with an awesome page to boot, and one name I recognize from in game. Nice.
  13. A generation jump would be pretty cool, so people could be born in the apocalypse, or have people old enough to have been through the whole 1st outbreak ordeal
  14. A good way to do it would be to have it like how GM was run in 2014. Bring in the cosmetic stuff with you, and take it when you leave. Only leave stuff you don't want.
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