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  1. Mischief's Art!

    Epic as always! Excellent job.
  2. If you gat me in a firefights, I'll perm. Doesn't need to be an execution. I'll die as one of the grunts and be happy with it. As for the execution question...Sometimes you just need a person removed temporarily from a situation. An easy way this is done is through body or leg shots until they die. That way they can realistically be like "Oh yeah, I had armor on." Or "Thank the Lord those only grazed." If they perm. Neat. If not, then you can chalk it up as a random group member of theirs or that your shots were a bit off.
  3. What I have noticed about Kill Rights and Hoarding

    I mean...The ruleplay one sucks, but at the same time if a man keeps saying he is going to kill someone it is generally a good idea not to raise a gun at him unless you are prepared to kill him. A nice rule of thumb for stuff like this would be "Only aim your weapon at something you are ready to kill". Because while it sucks, and does make the RP end for one side, at the end of the day shooting someone who attempted robbing you or maybe escalated the situation a bit too far by raising a gun and barking a command is still a legitimate response. As for the hoarding. Well, I never seem to have a problem with that, as I just have a knack for finding camps.
  4. Tag the person that helped shape your character!

    @RedSky, @Halven, @Mohawk. They made a law abider and upholder question the laws in place and how they hindered certain people under them.
  5. Tying people up for extended period of time

    -snip because horrid suggestion.-
  6. Would you want more brutal roleplay?

    I mean, if we want to talk brutality, we could always talk about 2015 DayZRP with no kill logs. Where you REALLY had to trust that guy beside you, or you might catch some hot shells. That was pretty brutal in itself, but I don't think something like that is coming back.
  7. Sylvie Myska

    Sylvie was left an orphan at a young age. A bi-product of violence and escalation in her little town, which ultimately came to bloodshed and the loss of her parents. The loss, and how it violently happened, seemed to have stuck with her, showing in how she had a fear of firearms and people in militant looking apparel. Despite her life's setbacks, she managed to hold decent grades in schooling and maintain somewhat of a social life with a few close knit friends, maybe to make up for the fact that her adoption by a foster family seemed to never come. When everything fell around her, she did not question it, but just ran and hid. The only things she took with herself were a bag she managed to find, and a kitchen knife.
  8. DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    I want flags and flag patches. Wear them as bandannas, tie them to your gun or arm, hell, even paint one on your face. Idc, I just want flags to represent nations and factions. Oh, and of course various camos and guns from other nations. That would be dope.
  9. Best spots to find friendly RP nowadays?

    On the road. Make some friends, watch some people. Just play it cautious, ya know?
  10. The Tower

    Hopping in tonight if anyone wishes to join me.
  11. The Tower

    I will be joining you after my power comes back, and Irma fucks off. ^^
  12. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3

    Pretty epic!
  13. Character damage system

    I'm not sure why so many oppose it. You can still PvP and initiate quite a bit considering it is ten deaths a week. I mean a death a day is a little hard to do unless you just position yourself horribly in firefights, or drop so many initiations that you practically breath 'Hands up or die'.
  14. ChDKZ - 103.7 [open freq]

    Lenka pushed down the PTT after having listened to the long winded speech. "So...She uh, survived the first shooting? That uh...Thanks, I suppose. I could've sworn that man made a heart shot. Guess he missed." "But uh...The man who gave the speech. He uh...Makes valid points, but uh...The one I would be worried the most about would be the Geneva Convention." She paused to think over her response. "I uh...Am not so versed in the uh...Laws of war, I guess you could call it? I do know though that uh...If you are not uniformed, then uh...That is troubling." "I mean, it is troubling that uh...You decide that now is the perfect time to rebel, even though CDF forces and law enforcement have been doing a lot of peacekeeping, but uh...Yeah." "As much as I hold disdain for the Red Star Movement, I fear what would become of those swept up in the bravado of false words and romanticism, only to be captured by veterans of the civil war, whose blood boils simply at the sight of that little red star. So, for your sake, and for the civilian populace who wish not to get shot, could you uh...Please be a uniformed enemy?" "Uh...Officer Malikova, signing off, I suppose." She then released the PTT button, not exactly sure how to feel about her words.
  15. A strange radio message [Frequency Open]

    The radio comes to life with the irritated voice of Officer Malikova. Just by the tone of her voice, one could tell she was having an off day. "This is Officer Malikova of the Chernogorsk Police Department. Do not listen to this man, or hunt for this woman. I know her not, but what I know of this man is that he admitted to premeditating a murder on a man supposedly locked in a cell. He admitted this. To an officer of the law, in full uniform. I will let that sink in for a second, and speak its volume." As she stated, she remained silent for a few seconds before her voice picked up again. "Throughout our questioning of him, he kept suggesting methods to torture him, or how he would 'do it'. I question this man's character. Not only would he lie, but I doubt he would let you live if you delivered the woman he requests. Despite all that, it is highly illegal." She would keep silent for a bit, before her voice chimed in. "Oh! I forgot to mention. If those reasons are not persuasive enough. We found this man with a chainsaw, wearing a clown mask. Upon its removal, we saw he had filed his teeth to a point." She held a silence for a moment, making sure no transmissions were going to come through, before she spoke again. "This message is directly to you now, Mister Fawkes. Do not come to Chernogorsk. Considering how we left you, and how you disobey clear orders, your punishment will be severe. I repeat again. Mister Fawkes. Do not come to Chernogorsk."