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  1. Early years: Thom was born in Trondheim Norway the seventh of January 1990, to his parents Monica Leniniski (Russian) and Ola Henriksen (Norwegian), and spent his Young years around the city making friends along the way, In his teens he would start to do some youthful mischief but nothing to harmful, mostly harmless pranks at his neighbors expense or stealing some candy of the store shelfs. In school he was quite the prodigy in history and he decided to take a Bachelor’s degree in said subject, taking it at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Aka NTNU. He wrote his degree on World war one and world war two military strategy and technology. Wanting to do something else with his life after his years of education he decided to Join into the Norwegian military where he got stationed on the Norwegian Russian border as a border guard and seeing his mother home country he decided that after he was finished serving, he would move to Russia to seek adventure in his Homeland so to say. In Russia: When he arrived in Moscow, he quickly found out that he might have taken way too much over his head when it comes to just moving straight to another country without even knowing the language but speaking quite fluent English, he came by on a day-to-day basis. Living In a rundown apartment in Moscow he struggled hard to pay the rent, as no job was to be found, getting help from his neighbor for reading the adds in the paper he came across a job needing a historian, a job that would pay well enough, aboard a ship sailing around the coast of Russia to plot down monumental places the Vikings might have gone, but he would have to move to Murmansk. Ariving and living in Chenarus Ariving to and living in Chernarus: He took the chance and found him again at a Completely foreign place for him but got along with his coworkers quite well. But one day the boat he was on got some strange radio chatter, talking bout some kind of sickness on the mainland, and running low on fuel they decided to make for land, finally arriving at a location called Chernarus around the time of January ,they desperately Searching for more fuel to get the boat running, hearing of factions around the country, and hearing of what is going on in Chernarus they decided to stay close to the boat, doing weekly checkups on the hull of it. Around March the supplies they had along in the boat started to dwindle, and the rest of the crew decided to travel inwards into chernarus, Thom deciding to stay with the boat scouted around the nearby places but kept living in the boat, now that he was the only one that were using the supplies, he had plenty. Two days after his co-workers left he started hearing shots in the distance, from the direction his friend had traveled, hoping they were all right he stayed put, nothing but a Flare gun and a revolver to protect himself with. When October started rolling around he have been seen around the nearby towns, searching for supplies that could help him, and he might also have been seen carrying planks towards a boat by the coast. He had found out Months earlier that the boat had started to leak, from a hole a rat had made, determined to keep his home away from home floating he had desperately attempted to Patch it up to no avail. After his home had been ruined he found himself journeying to Berenzino spending his days in a little house he had broken into and stayed there. But one day he heard many voices outside, deciding to look out he saw a horde of people heading for the docks, he stepped out and got rushed towards it by some people, they were saying something about a Bomb going off and a evacuation of Chernarus. The start if a new beginning: On the boat he started to feel cold, and with the rest he would fin himself on the island of Namalsk
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