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  1. Grew up and raised in the State of New York. Had a rough childhood growing from school to his home life, never had many friends and never succumbed to the urges of drugs and alcohol unlike many of his peers around him. He absolutely hated being stuck near the city and always wished to travel and explore the unknown. Being from a poor family he was never able to travel much in his years growing up and throughout high school. After graduation he decided to join the United States Military. After closely looking at each service branch he decided that the United States Air Force was the best for him, they provided many travel opportunities along with education routes. He joined as a Security Forces officer but hated the career field because there was a greater chance of dying by death from powerpoint than actually doing anything useful other than handing out speeding tickets to people that had important jobs to get to. He retrained into the career field of being a Aircraft Mechanic or Crew Chief as they are called. With this job came many TDY’s and numerous travel opportunities every year. It was during one of these Temporary Duty locations that his unit was recalled back to home station early due to a high and rapidly spreading infection rate in the country he was currently in, and severing circumstances back in the United States. Shortly after takeoff someone on board of the aircraft was infected, the effects of the infection kicked in and chaos erupted onboard the aircraft. During the chaos he was at some point knocked unconscious as the plane went down over a body of water.
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