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  1. Jim Wozniak was born in 1987 In the suburbs of Washington DC. His parents were first generation immigrants from the Polish/Czechoslovak border region and ran a dry cleaning business. Early on in Jim's life it became clear that he possessed a unique intelligence above that of other children his age. He skipped several grades and had graduated high school by the age of sixteen. This academic success did not come without side effects however as his peers often bullied Jim and he was seen as an outsider. This was not due to Jim's lack of trying, he yearned to be accepted by others but was never ab
  2. One thing that really helped me out with my character page was looking at some long standing characters. Check out the Top Played Characters tab and that will really give you a good idea of how your page should be organized and what right looks like. Hope to see you out there.
  3. While I dont think I would support darker nights I would really like to see longer nights. I have been on the server now for a few weeks and it seems as though night is almost non existent. Like OP and others have said nighttime does provide some additional RP benefits but there is a sweet spot between pitch black and the extremely bright nights. I have mixed feelings on the infected as well. Making them so dangerous could damage RP experiences in certain situations. Some bases are set up near larger infected spawns and constant attacks would probably get old very quickly. That being said I wo
  4. I know that the events of Operation Harvest Red from Arma 2 are different from DayzRP lore but I am wondering if Prizrak (aka Father Fyodor) being the head of NAPA is still canon. I just need to know for IC RP purposes.
  5. Bogdan was born at the foot of the mountains west of the small town of Myshkino. His father worked at the local lumber mill and his mother mended clothes and shoes to make extra money. Bogdan spent most of his childhood roaming the foothills around his home and harassing the wildlife with homemade slingshots and bows. His family did not have much in the way of financial means growing up so he would often tag along with his father to hunt in the forest or help his mother in the garden. In 1987 the Soviet/Afghan war was beginning to wind down and Bogdan saw it as his only means of getting away
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