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  1. In the warm days of June 1992 Michael was brought into this world by his mother Marie to a proud father Frank, a happy couple who had tried to have a child for years and finally succeeded, resulting in a baby boy, fast forwarding a few years to his childhood, he was raised with tools in hand, a love for the country and honesty as his friend, never caused much trouble in school aside from the occational upstarts picking a fight with him. He had a knack for languages, learned the basics for a few so he could comprehend them, and focused on his own, and English, never really using the potential he had in this regard, however he did finish up his school and moved on to the next step of his education, taking the short version of high school which he knew he'd finish up in time for his draft with the military at age 18, and this is where his life really begins to take shape in the year 2010. He enlisted as a volunteer, since he didn't see a reason not to, being all for the military efforts of his beloved country, he served through his basic training and qualified for sergeant's education immediately after, being a decent shot, and a qualified leader. He studied hard and made it through, with some effort seeing as it was no easy education he had started for himself, after finishing this education he left the military for a while to work in the civillian as a waiter, learning a bit about wine, and a lot about beer for a couple of years. And so a few years after he looked at what he had achieved and realised he felt empty and incomplete, that was when he re-enlisted, took on the mantle of sergeant in the year 2015, he served as a squad leader for two tours, he laughed, he cried, he loved and he lost in those two years he worked with this, bringing him to 2017, this was the year he decided he could do more within this system and took the education of a sharpshooter, armed with a high caliber rifle and a spotter, he then took one more tour, this time as a marksman, taking down a grand total of one target in all the time he spent out there. He then came home and felt an emptiness, he couldn't really get by without the other soldiers he worked so closely with, he was no legend or hero to them, yet they knew that with him behind the scope, they were safer than without. He spent half a year at home, and then another three months out, returning home in december, to hear whispers in the corners of the military system back home about some strange flu, he laughed it off with the boys and girls, went to get drunk and prepared to go out once more with the long-gun and a spotter, only to learn it was cancelled, this was March 2019, he got intel from the higher ups that this flu was indeed real, and that in case things went south with containment of this flu, they wanted a larger portion of the soldiers to stay at home. Staying at home wasn't easy for a restless soul, yet his education and experience as a leader had him understand this whole situation, what happened the coming month he could have never imagined, quarantines being set upon the people of his homeland, himself on the streets enforcing it along with other soldiers, it felt like an endless fight to put his own countrymen in their homes, it was hard to see why they had to keep doing this, and the information from above was scarce. Finally! In November 2019 it all seemed under control again, he genuinely thought that in a matter of months this nightmare would be over, and a few months later in the year word came in with more and more cases of this Frenzy Flu, coming back harder than ever, causing people to go actually feral, they were like the monsters in those dumb movies, uncontrolled, unable to hear, Michael even heard of shootings in London, and prepared for the worst at home. Luckily nothing had lead him to believe anything wrong with his home, until November 2020 when he was discharged and thanked for his service, he recieved a set of coordinates and a date as a farewell present, saying this would take him to a new place, where this plague was not nearly as volatile, so he went there in December, leaving his parents behind, to scout this new area before he could bring them to this possibly safer place... Little did he know.. ((Additions can be made, ofcourse.))
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