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  1. I was born in Saginaw, Michigan in 1994. I was born in the bad side of town, where there was many hood people and lots of gangs. Since i was born into this kind of life style, all my life I have been back stabbing people to abuse them so I can get what I want. While I was born into thygis life style, many more were also born into it, just like me. Brian, Levi, and I all met in the alley of the streets. We all formed a bond with eachother and from then on we have never been apart. On the very tough streets of saginaw we prevailed, us all manipulating people to better our small groups life. During the day of the outbreak, Levi, Brain, and I all managed to get into an abandoned private owned airport and stole a biplane to go to an small island called "namalsk" hoping there would be no sign of the infection in this small remote island. Oh how we were wrong. Not only were it just me and my friends, many other survivors were there, but unfortunately, so was the infection. The infection spread like wildfire. Me and my friends all sat in the town of vorkuda, looting the town, scavanging for food and other necessities. Since then every other survivor we lure in, we must kill to live ourselves, for the better of our group.
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