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  1. Glitch

    Regarding 2.3

    I believe there is room for improvement. Maybe even just remove the rule. Many people argue for the side of realism in DayZRP. In a realistic scenario I BELIEVE if you're being dominated by a group you relocate, you avoid your camp becoming compromised, you keep it a secret. Because I BELIEVE in a realistic scenario in an apocalypse people will do as they please and wont stop unless they are stopped by another group, not by rules. The rule states at the very beginning be a good sport. That is more so targeted towards the people carrying out the PvP and hostile actions but I think it equally applies to those being attacked. It's kind of common sense in a game like DayZRP. It's a gentlemen's game as they say. Be a good sport, don't use 2.3 as a blackmail tool if that is the case.
  2. Glitch

    Deer Isle = Separate Active Character

    I'd say yes and no. Yes because it would seem silly if people were just back and forth between the mainland and utes every other day. No because I don't want to be limited. I'd want to be able to be on my Chernarus character and say hey I am gonna go to this island, or hey I am being captured and brought to this island, and then after being there for a while I say hey I finally want to go back to the mainland. Most characters likely got to utes from the mainland as well so it wouldn't make sense that they don't exist on chernarus. So maybe there should be a setting in the character page. It could say "Character Location" and have two settings, Chernarus or Utes/Deer isle. Then if it says chernarus you can only play on chernarus and if it says Utes you can only play on utes and maybe give it a 24 or 48 hour cool down. To sum it up. I want to be able to move between mainland and the island as the same character but I don't want people to do it every hour or every day.
  3. I understand what Dookie is getting at. I don't think it's that hard to understand. Large groups are a cool thing when done right. Back when server pop maxed around 60 it wasn't very interesting to have half of the server be a single group of 30. Nowadays it's about 1/4 the pop from larger groups. Regardless you see the same results just not as often. Things get dull because the group in question is hiding away or not doing much for the rest of the server. Unless this group was done right. Unless this group reaches out to people, creates a lot of RP for everyone. There are only so many slots on the server. When an individual joins they take up space. When a large groups joins they take up a lot of space. If they aren't doing anything with their space other than hiding out in their base then that is a massive reduction is chance of RP for those out in the world looking for people. Back when it maxed at 60 if half of the server was an extremely hostile group or a group with stale RP that didn't really affect the world then it felt like you only had 30 people to RP with and that's assuming you run into anyone. So I haven't had any personal experiences with any of the current large groups that have upset me but others may have. Large groups have the potential to do more than small groups, to be more impactful on the world so with that said maybe there should be a requirement for groups that reach a certain number of members. Maybe this is as simple as a question or a goal "What impact does your group aim to have on the lore?" Or perhaps "How do you plan to progress the lore and in what direction?" Just ideas from me. From my perspective Dookie on the other hand was just looking for discussion and feedback.
  4. Glitch

    What do you want from us?

    Lots of discussion here already but I'm gonna put in my piece. I don't think big events is the way to go. I think small events with big impacts. Events that don't require a lot of people or resources but still shift the lore or progress enough to get people talking for the day IC about what happened. Maybe it inspires a new group. You could have the biggest war but if it doesnt have a large story impact it won't mean much for more than like a week to the people involved.
  5. Mirko De Fiore is a descendant of Miroslav Chiono-Fiore. Mirko is the Italian diminutive of Miroslav. Miroslav lived in Italy, Russia and in parts of Chenarussia over 150 years ago. Little is known about the Fiore family's history. However more is known about the Chiono family. Mirko's uncle is Gregorio Chiono. On the surface their family is very wealthy as a result of their successful delivery business and family owned restaurant. Some locals know the truth though. The Chiono family is a family of thieves. Running a very quiet underground business for over 50 years the Chiono family has become very wealthy. Much of the wealth was lost in a house fire in 2015 after an unhappy client of Gregorio's attacked his home in the Italian countryside. Since then the Chiono family had purchased a new and more humble home near Rome with a large underground system for their criminal activities. The family was never interested in big heists. They were always about being discreet and only taking on small jobs. The family employed several pickpockets, cons, street runners and thieves. Pickpockets and cons usually picked up whatever they could off of locals and tourists and often attended various events and parties. Street runners were excellent with distance running and evading the law. They would often take what they could even in broad daylight and in public and just run till they were safe enough to arrange for a pickup. Thieves were assigned larger tasks. Breaking into things like museums, galleries, villas and other places holding large amounts of wealth was a normal job for them. Mirko was a true thief and gained many skills because of his occupation. He became highly talented with people. Manipulation, impersonation, understanding body language were just some of his skills. As a thief he was also highly trained in discretion and silence. All useful skills in his line of work but none of it was what he wanted. Mirko originally lived in Venice with his family. He was sent to Rome with his brother to be taken care of by Gregorio when he was young after his parents left one day and never returned. At the time Mirko and his brother were ten years old and already to be employed by the Chionos. For most of their life they were forced to speak english for the business, being a lot of his work at his age was done with tourists. It was not a life they desired to live. When they turned seventeen Mirko's brother ran away. After this things only spiraled downward for Mirko. He almost started to love his work till he recieved a letter from his brother over ten years later. The letter explained why he ran away and revealed something to Mirko he would have never expected. His brother had been digging and digging to learn more about his own family, the Fiore family. He found his fathers' journal. It revealed a long history between the Fiore family and the Chionos. Somewhere along the line during Miroslav Chiono-Fiore's time the family was split into two. For years and years tension rose and they never truly got along. Mirko's parents left a note in the journal explaining everything to their sons. They had to run because Gregorio would soon kill them if they didn't hand over Mirko and his brother. Parents could never be more sorry for not being able to protect their kids but there was nothing else they could do. Gregorio had too many people on his side and too many resources. He wanted the Fiore brothers to be employed from a young age because they would make excellent thieves if they had a lifetime of training. He also needed successors for his business being he had no children of his own. Mirko's parents had said they soon hope to find their children again. This letter and revelation drove Mirko to learn more and only increased his hate for his work, the Chiono family and Gregorio. Mirko's uncle would always take trips out to the old villa after it had burned down. He never said why. Mirko decided to follow him. Gregorio was never visiting the villa. It was once a large building primarily red with tiles on the roof. Large windows once allowed for the sun to shine inside the home. Vines and flowers of the deepest reds, blues and purples filled the windows and large trimmed bushes bordered the villa. Yet Gregorio was not there to reminisce. Fifty yards away from a white stone perimeter wall was an old grape field. A humble shed sat in the northeast corner of the field. That's where his uncle was going all the time. After he had left for the day Mirko snuck inside. The room inside appeared to be no more than a tool shed. Yet there was a cool draft the closer he was to the floor. Sand swept by someones feet trailed slightly from behind a bookshelf. Behind the shelf was a set of old stone stairs descending into a dungeon like cellar. There was no electricity but lanterns. One by one Mirko lit the lanterns to find shelves and shelves of family history, relics and antiques. Mirko found one book on a shelf labeled "Chiono-Fiore". It was the story of Miroslav Chiono-Fiore and how he tore the family apart. All because of a map leading to the original Chiono-Fiore family's home and resting place of their ancestors. He believed it held many riches and secrets as well as a long history of their family's background in thievery. This book was a forward step for Mirko. He wanted out of the Chiono business and family and this was just the right kind of motivation to get him moving even with the risk. He knew Gregorio would not be happy if he left especially with the family book. It didn't take long for Gregorio to take notice of the book being gone. After a few months Mirko announced he would be leaving and Gregorio knew he had the book. From there on Mirko was being hunted by the Chionos. He had no where to go and only had the book and an encrypted map his brother sent him to guide him. His brother stated in the letter they could not meet in Italy but maybe in the future if Mirko follows the map. The letter also decrypts the map. Anyone who obtains the map cannot read it only Mirko can so long as he has the letter. Mirko started running from the Chiono's in 2017. Now he and his brother were following Miroslav Chiono-Fiore's footsteps. He arrived in Chernarus, where the map from his brother was leading him, in June of 2017. Soon following was the outbreak. Mirko never reunited with his brother or his parents. He believes his brother is alive but is unsure about his parents. He can only hope they are on the same path. Since the outbreak Mirko has spent most of his time in northeastern Chernarus trying to follow the map. It has since led him to South Zagoria where he has been for a few months. Hopefully that is where he will find his brother and continue to follow Miroslav Chiono-Fiore.
  6. Zombies aren't scary anymore. Hordes I like. Zombies in normal numbers, not so much. It isn't creepy, isn't very threatening. We are quite far into the apocalypse now. I'd like to propose less zombies WITH the addition of zombie variants OR not less zombies but still the addition of variants. Hear me out. At this point in the apocalypse maybe there would be less zombies in South Zagoria. People have been around for a while clearing them out every day. So maybe they flow into the country like herds, okay fine. Either way they aren't that exciting or scary. So I suggest we add a variety of zombies types. Not sure how doable that is for the developers but I personally would love to see specific types of zombies. Zombies that look different, some are fast, some are really tanky. Some are straight up creepy. Don't worry I am not talking some L4D types. I feel that at this point in the apocalypse the infected could have mutated. Basic zombies would die off or be less prevalent due to natural selection. They aren't hard to kill so it'd be cool to see the infection bacteria itself actually fight back by mutating and creating more threatening zombies types in order to survive. Or maybe even infect other bacterial organisms or a parasite. Thus infecting humans or animals and creating newly mutated and strange zombies. I believe this could create a great RP and PVE experience. In some situations there may be zombies so tanky and genuinely terrifying you have to sneak around them. Or maybe there is one lurking around your settlement and you need a five man firing squad to take it down. I also feel that it could progress the infection lore. Please share your thoughts, just an idea. Again NOT SURE HOW DOABLE THIS IS.
  7. An old computer would spark to life DATABASE SEARCH KRANE #084 Attempt #1 . . . . Failed Attempt #2 . . . . Failed Attempt #3 . . . . Failed Attempt #4 . . . . Complete - Administrator override ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ File #084 Name: Krane, ████████ DOB: 10/4/91 Location: Last seen in ███████, Russia Current Status: MIA ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ #084 Information 4/29/17 Mr. Krane was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He had an average upbringing. Had a family, attended school. After he finished school he became a police officer with the Chicago Police Department. This was the beginning of his downfall. After his partner was shot and killed by our men (Krane is still unaware of this factor) detectives worked the case for nearly half a year. No information was found, nothing traced back to us. We then had an inside man convince Krane to investigate on his own. He came close to figuring us out till we had our inside source reveal Krane to his commanding officer. Krane was removed from the force for breaking several rules. After a period of unemployment he moved to New York and became a private detective. His business was lackluster and he soon became desperate for money. That is when we came along. We had been watching Krane for a long time. Not to Krane’s knowledge his father has been working with our partner company in Russia to launder money from myself and the primary company. Krane is unaware of his family’s ties to the organization and this is why it is the perfect setup. We will send the desperate private detective to our sister location in Russia to investigate and report back to our location on the topic of stolen profit. Once we have confirmed our suspicions we will send his father (the head of our sister location) to Russia to confront a mole in our operations (his son). The two will shed some tears and then we will dispose of his father. At this point Krane now works for us. He has no choice. If he does not comply, the rest of his family will be next. Proceed to show him the files we have on the rest of his family. Once he has complied, and he will because he is a smart boy, gear him up and brief him for his operation in Turkey. He will be flown to the beautiful city of Trabzon where our source will then pick him up. They will make their way to Istanbul. Krane will then locate my former partner Isaak Zroychev. Once he has located the target he will use non-lethal methods to capture the target and transport him back to our location in Russia. Once he has delivered the target I will make my way over. Get Krane aboard his flight to Turkey. Wheels up at 3AM tomorrow. He has until 7/1/17 at 12AM to locate, capture and deliver the target. If he fails to do so, we will pick a family member. Oh and tell him to have fun. Zrichnov ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ The old dusty computer would shutdown Krane located his target on 5/10/17. He captured his target a week later and proceeded to transport the target to Russia. He ran into many obstacles along the way. The largest one prevented him from making it to homebase. This was the outbreak. By the time Krane had reached Russia all reasonability and logical thinking had gone out the door. At least that’s how it looked. The streets were chaotic and no one seemed to be using their heads at the time. In the process of trying to deliver the target they were both shot by guards who assumed the target was infected by his injured and beaten demeanor. The target was killed and Krane got away. First it was about his own survival. He had to get the bullet out of him and keep himself alive in all of this chaos. Then it a light turned on. He realized his family was now in danger because not only was he late arriving in Russia but now he couldn’t deliver the target. At least not alive. Maybe if he brought the dead man and explained what happened they would understand with all that is going on. Upon arriving at homebase it was eerily quiet. No one was around. Krane stepped inside, carrying dead weight. Inside several people were lying dead on the floor. In his bosses office was Zrichnov himself lying dead on the floor. Everyone was gone. Krane was off the hook. His family was safe for the most part. Although if Russia was like this he wondered how it was back home in the states. None of it made sense, no one was clear with him as to what kind of outbreak it was. Krane spent most of the infection surviving in Russia. It wasn’t until 6/19/19 that he made his way into Chernarus and eventually to South Zagoria after catching wind of multiple groups of survivors in that area. Otherwise if nothing else he was going to follow the eastern coastline till he made his way through Georgia and eventually got back to Turkey where the hideout from his operation may still exist. It was filled with supplies to last months. It seemed like the safest place he knew, he quite enjoyed Turkey. For now he is in South Zagoria. After everything he is no longer a very trusting person. He is cautious and extremely analytical about people and their behaviors. He will read you like a book before he decides how it ends between yourself and him.
  8. Characters that push boundaries of realism sure. Maybe someone who says they are an alien unless they believe it because they are crazy. But in the real world there are many different kinds of people some come off as comedic or goofy. Let these characters exist realistically in the apocalypse. Plus I think if there was zero lighthearted characters or comedic characters then DayZRP would feel WAY too serious.
  9. Glitch

    NASCAR's comin'!

    Mr. A1 Sauce. It has begun! NW NASCAR BOIS
  10. Glitch

    Tackling the Shoes Problem

    I'd say just remove. In real life shoes have personally lasted me years. In an apocalypse where you are constantly on your feet maybe your shoes see a little more destruction but regardless I'd think you could make them last more than 5 hours for sure. AT THE LEAST a few months. So just disable it. If anything it is annoying and bare feet also shouldn't bleed the moment they touch the ground.
  11. Glitch

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    I really like the idea of capturing dangerous people. Allows for employment of bounty hunters maybe. And some cool hunting RP of said individual. Good luck!
  12. Maybe I am a bit late but how long has this been here? If you zoom all the way in on NEAF on the dayzrp map and move further NE you will see this mans.
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