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  1. To whoever just died infront of my eyes due to a swarm of infected at tents. I am so sorry. It was a cold bight day. We were looting. Looking for warmer clothes and supplies. As we prance through tents like a couple of ignorant puppies left and right infected start to notice our presence. Before we know it two, three, four all around us. I was being swarmed. He was battling away with his machete. I had to shoot. The whole population of tents now rushes in. I climb to safety. Trying to reload my gun but it wont work. I think it's jammed. He is being attacked by several now. Once I am finally able to clear the area I rush to the body to find he is dead. I am sorry my friend. I didn't even catch a name. May we meet again.
  2. Yeah bit annoying to sit through a 20 some queue, make it to the game and then be booted out because I had a mod enabled that was disabled since I last played and then climb back up to position 22. Please bring back S2 Chernarus. Deer Isle is obviously not very popular. Some may argue that S2 Chernarus will split the community. Deer Isle causes a split anyway. Others argue against it because of ghosting. There are rules in place to try to prevent and punish those who ghost. Please bring back S2 Chernarus.
  3. Glitch


    A name remains missing from this roster. A name the Jackals would foster. A name from long ago. One that not everyone may know. One that must come back where he begun. For that one is Jack, Jack Lexton. Nah but for real. Good to see the Jackals around. Very much an OG name to be popping up again along with some names on the roster but it is a bummer not to see Jack/ @Bigtoe. He was a very cool guy when I met him a super long time ago and he introduced me to the Jackals where I befriended them in a previous lore. Good luck and have fun!
  4. No from me. I'd say if anything make it more worth the trip. Maybe make prison island more interesting like the deer isle one.
  5. Glitch


    I think you're right
  6. I know it has been higher than 80 before and had some issues? Honestly remove vehicles for performance if it means I don't have to wait in a 45 minute queue. Or please remove deer isle and add S2 Chernarus. It is quite obvious with a large queue on S1 when deer isle is open that people want Chernarus. It wont split the playerbase anymore than it already does with having deer isle as an option.
  7. Do 'er clean if you have a 3 digit lock. Code crack that bad boy. Gobble up some goodies but don't leave anything on the ground, if you take storage replace the storage. But yeah @Alan Woods pretty much said it all. I just like keeping it clean otherwise I don't mess with it.
  8. I'm confused as to why it matters if it Chernarus. In an alternate universe if Deer Isle did become popular how does that not also split the community between two servers? I have also heard splits between s1 and s2 chernarus were due to RP climate on S1 which is totally unrelated to the map. My last point I suppose would be it isn't much of a split if 80 people are on S1 and there is a 40 man queue. That 40 could go on S2 and S1 could still be full.
  9. Glitch


    This mans bicep is huge just sayin'.
  10. Glitch

    Old Timers

    I'm excited to bump into this group! Good luck!
  11. Glitch


    That. Is. Awesome. Have beans.
  12. Welcome! I think you'll really enjoy yourself. Good luck with the whitelist!
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