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  1. So a while back I posted this concept thread Now I would like to revive the idea of a bridge based on feedback of this! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1718214730 I personally think it doesn't look that bad. I also can't imagine it's that hard to construct a bridge. This bridge resembles one my concepts (the big concrete bridge). That one was not a popular one for some but in this example on steam it doesn't even look that bad. We don't have boats, let's get some bridge action goin. In the future when boats arrive, IF they do we can blow the bridge up. ALSO this steam example includes the railroad bridge idea and a sunken ship. Both of which were also on my concept page and it all looks pretty good in one!
  2. Glitch

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    There are tools already to identify persons of interest for reports and stuff. Although it would be cool if some kind of item were modded in that a group could enforce as say a passport or ID in a certain area and if you are seen without it then you're questioned etc etc. So yeah i'd be down for some IC RP identification. I remember long ago people would give out free passes written out on the paper item. If they liked you they would give it to you and you could pass through their area so long as you could prove permission with the paper. Could be cool if a group did that with ID cards or something. But yeah pulse check isn't needed IMO.
  3. Not only is the game free, they encourage you to donate to the Notre Dame restoration fund. Ubisoft donated about $565,000 so that's pretty cool.
  4. Glitch

    Campfire RP

    Forget screenshot of the month, lets get a wallpaper contest goin.
  5. Not exactly sure what everyone else has said at this point BUT I almost did the same thing with a friend. We thought we'd try two private detectives, start a small dynamic and everything like you are haha. Never got around to it so good luck! Like others have said offer your services to groups or people, gather intel for them, spy on people for them. Maybe groups can hire you as something that you aren't. Perhaps you offer your services as an internal detective but everyone else in the group thinks you are just a hired gun or worker. I don't know if you want any tips specifically on character behavior but when I was going to try this my character was going to be pretty quick. Rarely would he go to the extreme of his gun. He would be witty and talk things out. Find ways to communicate with people, maybe find ways to manipulate them into thinking something was their idea when you really just planted it in their head. You could research like some detective communication skills or something. Pay lots of attention to details. The way people talk, the tone of their voice and body behavior, EVERYTHING. Otherwise watch some movies or shows. Watch the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes movies. Very good haha. The first one is on Netflix. Either way good luck with this, should be fun!
  6. Glitch

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

    Noice graphics
  7. -1 if anything make it slower. If I eat an entire can of spaghetti and maybe some tuna and then drink some water, ten minutes later after jogging and sprinting around for travel or whatever I am already hungry. Doesn't seem like it lasts very long at all. In my experience people usually go a few hours between meals before actually feeling truly hungry, not every 10-20 minutes. Note: I only experience these effects when moving around a lot. Otherwise I am totally fine when hanging around one area. Still I feel that it goes too fast. More focus on hunger than thirst but both sometimes feel too fast.
  8. Not another military super soldier group... Just kidding if you want to do military I say do it EXCEPT realistically. It's the apocalypse soldiers may not be so formal anymore. They may be more emotional, actually feel pain when they get hit by a bullet etc. Too many military super soldiers in my experience. I think military is fine if done well. Otherwise I'd like to see a group like major mentioned. That'd be interesting. Maybe a group that drinks blood. Almost a cult that follows some Slavic vampire traditions. My imagination would always run when I found the Dracula book in game in the mini churches. Maybe this group believes it keeps them healthy and strong to do what they do. A group of monks who are very spiritual and took an oath of peace. They would be very wise individuals spreading their philosophical wisdom to help those in need mentally. Just some unique ideas there. Like I said I liked Major's idea. Each group would of course develop and maybe have different story arcs. Maybe the monks break their oath of peace. I don't know, either way good luck!
  9. Lots of talk about OOC hate and how this community is toxic. Personally I have been playing dayz standalone for years only because of dayzrp. I think this community is 10x better than most RP servers such as games like GTA and WoW. My personal experience has been fantastic. Sometimes RP is dull but that's just how it is. Not every day is going to be great. Although each day is more enjoyable if you disconnect yourself from IC drama once you are OOC. And do not let your OOC drama bleed into your IC behavior. At the end of the day it is acting. You the player are assuming a role that is not your present self. As others have said don't take things too seriously when it comes to drama or criticisms. By all means take your RP seriously, but keep a level head and separate IC and OOC actions. As for the OP. I never personally interacted with you but I appreciate your push towards improving whatever you can. All of your replies to comments on this topic were from what I saw calm and respectful. To those who believe this community is toxic. Know that when you approach something believing it sucks, having a bad attitude about it and not keeping an open mind, you will set yourself up for a bad time. Thank you DayZRP for the fun years, here's to more!
  10. I had a great time today with @PapaBleu and @McLeranth. I have been craving roleplay and haven't found the drive to play. Once I started playing I couldn't find anyone till you guys. Honestly a really good time with some really unique RP and I look forward to my new reason to play. Thank you
  11. Glitch

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    There is so much information to take it on this topic in is overwhelming at this point. I don't know if my input will have any significance to this topic being as so many others have put in their bit. I do agree with many that the hostile RP needs to chill. If the hostile RP is poor that comes down to a personal experience and a report if necessary. There is a lot of a good hostile RP out there but yes also low quality hostile RP. Maybe it is a very unique opinion but I feel like there are too many hostile groups at the moment. I don't believe more hero groups is necessarily the fix. I just think there needs to be less hostile groups. I almost also feel like there are too many groups. This is another unique opinion but some of my best experiences back in the day were when I would run around solo and bump into other solo players or dynamics. Now it feels as though everyone has cliqued up. Maybe that's not the case maybe it is just hidey holes. At the end of the day I agree hostile rp needs to chill or take a new turn instead of typical "hands up, give me all of your ammo and your M4 even tho I already have an M4." That is putting it bluntly. Not all hostile RP is like that. A while back on another topic of hostile group quality I made a suggestion that maybe all groups should have this new required field when making a group. The field would ask something along the lines of "how will your group contribute to the lore and/or story arc of players around you?"
  12. Glitch

    The Collins Gang [Recruitment Strictish]

    Good luck with this! Group logo is very fitting I like it a lot
  13. Glitch

    Watching the Sunrise

    Did you submit this to the screenshot contest?
  14. Sit down, let's have a chat. Here we are, you on one end of the table and I the other. In your hand a 9MM siderarm. In mine a knife. We are both faced with a test. With one question. Who will win? Most would say the one with the gun. I would stop and ask a new question. What do you want to win? Takistan 0300 07/4/17 The area we were headed had seen a lot of chaos from two warring groups. I was on my way with a group of disaster relief workers employed by the UNDAC (United Nation Disaster Assment and Coordination). We had a military escort and it was going to be dangerous. Once we arrived we got a little more than anticipated. We arrived on a cold Takistan morning at about 3AM. We began work and anticipated to be there for about a month and a half. We were repairing homes, supplying residents with food and water and doing what work we could with the US Embassy we were located at to help out. Three weeks in on a hot sun beaming down kind of day we caught wind of a situation West of us heading our direction. It was not specified what was headed our direction. The UN and US soldiers posted up expecting a firefight. That's not what came though. A flood of civilians. People looking for refuge in this town. Many extremely sick. No one knew why. Some of them were telling stories of their neighbors and loved ones becoming extremely ill and then aggressive. Attacking each other and one person even saw someone taking a bite out of a body on the road. None of it made sense. To this day it is still hard to believe. After a week holding these refugees here the same thing started happening in that town. People were aggressive, animalistic and fighting each other. The situation was out of control. Even with all of the civilians there jets flew over raining bullets and bombs down on the town. Explosions could be heard left and right. Smoke stacks filled the air. It was getting dark. Everyone was panicking. I was foolish back then. I was selfish. In the panic I found a group of locals with a truck. One of them spoke English. I had a gun. I told him to give me the truck. I wanted to bring myself and my crew as far from here as possible. This man pointed in the sky. A helicopter was flying off. He said that was my ride and I was left behind. With my gun still pointed at him as he was shaking he said something to me that I will always remember. He said "listen friend, you have a gun. I have the truck. If I fight back you will win. You can shoot me. But is that what you want? Is that what you want to win, you want to kill me? Or do you want to escape?" He was right. I put my gun down and we got out of there. We eventually reached the Takistan - Chernarussian border after we received a radio message saying there was a camp set up there extracting people out of the area. We arrived and waited for our ticket out of there along with many other people. When the helicopter came it was a fight over who could get in. The heli crew tried to calm everyone down till bullets started flying and people started falling to the ground. The helicopter flew away. After that my friend and I traveled together through Chernarus surviving for as long as we could. I lost him along the way and it was my fault. I couldn't choose myself over him. At one end of the table he had a knife and I had a gun. We were approached with a question. Who will win? At the time I only saw one way out and he thought so too. He was already sick and I had to shoot him. But now I realize there was another option. A better question to be asked. Not who will win but what do we want to win? Maybe if we worked together we could have made it out of there together. So from now on when I am presented with only two options, kill or be killed. I always find a third.
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