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  1. Lore Wipe Mulligan?

    I said it before and I will say it again. Pushing the wipe till beta would have been risky because the hype train would get too big and get too hyped. Therefore beta would probably disappoint, it looks really good but would not meet the hype because it would be too high. The time of the lore wipe was near perfect. The beginnings have been fairly fresh and interesting, as expected. I believe the peak of RP is when we are just transitioning from the beginnings of the apocalypse into the fun stage. The fun stage is between fresh and 1000 some days old. I would like to think we will soon be reaching the end of fresh apocalypse and will soon be approaching the fun stage which will line right up with the beta and its features. What I mean by that is the fresh stage is a bit early for base building, at least depending on the characters and what the structure is built of. All I am saying is, things will line up.
  2. Offworld Rising

    Instead of comparing what is new to whatever has been, I'd like to say good luck to this. I hope the effort to push RP forward goes well.
  3. Changing the character sheet

    I think it should be a choice. But also be fixed. You can give yourself a five star, you can rate yourself. I don't know if that's suppose to be how it works but I accidentally gave myself a five because I was like "Oh what you can rate yourself really?" So I tried it because curiosity and had a rating I didn't really want because I didn't prefer one at all, so I gave myself a one star haha. Anyway, I think it should be a choice. It's nice to get positive feedback from people when you do get any. It's also nice to get feedback that is actually helpful towards improving a page. So it should be up to the user.
  4. Kelsey Brothers Ltd.

    Someone's been watching Legend. Haha what an interesting movie, good luck with this!
  5. The voice of chernarus

    Radio hosts have been done, attempts have been made. I myself have even thought about it. I say go for it. A lot of times repeated group ideas or simply repeated ideas are frowned upon because people think it will all turn out the same way. But every leader or host is different and it's not up to anyone else but the creator who decides which direction your radio station goes.
  6. VDV Civilian Support [173.8]

    Michael jumps up to grab his radio Thank you. Michael turns off his radio
  7. VDV Civilian Support [173.8]

    Michael grabs his radio after not wanting to respond. That information is too delicate to be throwing it around the radio. I want to meet. Anywhere you want, I will come alone, once we arrive at the location we can quickly relocate to avoid anyone listening from following to our location. Michael tosses his radio on a table
  8. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    Michael was one step closer to meeting the VDV. Each attempt over radio had seem to result in no response, likely no one heard him. He begins transmitting. I'm getting very impatient. I have been listening to the radio, picking up different frequencies related to the VDV but each time I have reached out, I haven't come in contact with the VDV. Listen and listen carefully. This is the last time I try to respectfully contact the VDV. We need to meet. What I have in mind will be beneficial to the VDV and my people especially with all the noise you've been making and the negative attention from people. We can meet wherever and whenever you choose. I wish to meet with your Captain specifically. It will and can all be on your terms. Your men, you choose the time and place. You get the home field advantage. This is my last attempt otherwise you are missing out on something that could be mutually beneficial to your people and mine. Michael was ready to give up, hopefully this last transmission attempt would go through and someone would hear it VDV or not. Let's get this show on the road. I'll be waiting. The transmission would end abruptly.
  9. VDV Civilian Support [173.8]

    Michael preferred to use his own frequency to contact the VDV but that didn't work out so the only choice was to walk through their front door or contact them over frequencies presented to the public by the VDV. He would begin transmitting. Hey there. I don't know if your men caught wind of my attempt to reach out to you all, but it's important. We need to meet. Your men, your terms, you guys get the home field advantage. What I would like to propose is mutually beneficial to your people and my people. I really hope you hear this and give me an answer as to when I can meet with your Captain. Michael would pause and then begin speaking with an extremely sarcastic happy voice due to his patience running dry with trying to meet the VDV. If not, then hopefully I can ask all of the friendly neighbors in town for your address so I can bring you fresh baked cookies to leave a good impression on you so that when my dog dumps in your yard, you forgive me. Michael would pause again and then compose himself. Listen, I really mean it. This could be helpful. You VDV guys have been making some noise. We need to get in touch, face to face. Otherwise I am on my way. I'll be listening. The transmission would end abruptly.
  10. A Message for the VDV (Unsecure Freq.)

    Michael would check his watch, double check his batteries for his radio and begin transmitting his previous message. This is again a message for the VDV, specifically Captain Kirchov. I am ready to meet, I hope you heard my last message. If not then please know, I would like to meet. Michael would pause and form up his next few words I am ready to meet when you are. If you don't want to meet, then know you will be missing out on a mutually beneficial job. Let me know when and where. Sorry if I sounded demanding but I needed to get your attention, this is important. The meeting will be where you want, when you want and with your men beside you. I will bring no one and have no one to bring. Michael would end the transmission in hopes that the VDV responds to his request to meet.
  11. Michael would fumble through his pockets till he found a map of South Zagoria. He quickly reviewed his plans and began transmitting with an American accent. This is a message for the VDV. I have heard your names floating about. You've all been making some noise. This message is specifically for you Captain, Kirchov. I'd like to meet. Michael would pause before speaking again Within the next twenty four hours I will tell you I am ready. When I tell you and only when I tell you I am ready, will you hopefully respond with a location and time. Your terms, your men and you get the home field advantage. Michael would pause again, looking over the map for possible meet-up locations Be sure to answer. I know you are all listening, twenty four hours. Keep your ears open. The transmission would end abruptly.
  12. Odium Brotherhood

    I think this is a cool idea. Some may say it's too early for a group like this but honestly there will be hostile people as soon as day one of the apocalypse. I would imagine day one of the apocalypse would tell any criminals that they have a chance to make the world theirs, no cops, no military, more freedom. This is a good way to go about it. Not a mob or some crime family that's just ready to have fun, a genuine group of violence hungry crazies who now have freedom to go nuts. Good luck and have fun!
  13. VDV Quarantine zone?

    I love what they are doing with the quarantine zone. It isn't breaking any rules and if they have enough people to enforce their quarantine then they will do it. If people want to be in the North then they need to be sneaky and hide, it also doesn't necessarily create an enemy but if you get caught you will receive some hostility because they said they would consider anyone in the zone a troublemaker. I really like it. It's new and fresh.
  14. [Game] Last Post

    I win. According to the Schrodinger's cat theory I have won infinitely. The idea is that if a cat and a bomb are placed in a bunker which is then sealed the results can only be observed by opening the bunker. So if the results are not observed the cat is both dead and alive. With that said because I have posted last, unless this thread is closed (which would end the loop) I have also posted first. This is because the idea of the game is to post last, the person to post last is the first to post last therefore posting first because the idea of the game is to post last. So basically I was the first to post last. Now you may ask, what about anyone before me or after me? Those who have posted before me have posted last-first but I have posted last last and because last last is a double negative I am first, again because the idea of the game is to be last. So because I am first or last last then I win. Anyone after me will be indeed posting last but I posted last before they have posted last so therefore I posted last first. Therefore I am the first last thus being the winner. Them posting last does not turn into the next first because it is not observable they posted last first, or that anyone posted last first because EVERYONE posts last first. The only reason I win is because I have reached a conscious level of the last first post so therefore I have evolved into a first last poster that is aware of it's first last post and I have begun my own timeline. This makes no sense anymore, ToeZ is the winner because ToeZ posted last first and anyone after posted the last first last which zeros out into nothing but a last first is equilibrium so ToeZ wins.
  15. The Departed

    It's not being a whiteknight it's called being a reasonable person, this response right here is exactly what I mean by too serious. I know there are other people spectating this thread, seeing where it's going. I clearly stated this GROUP page has gone off topic because now it is a lot of back and forth banter about whether or not certain things are realistic. I truly don't see how there are this many problems with the group's lore. Ambassador, embassy, attempted escape, failed escape etc. No one needs to go into detail about why the evac failed or how there was an IED or why communications don't work. I understand "because reasons" is not a good justification but I keep saying there is likely more to come, more to be fleshed out. It is very important to note that the group lore clearly says "Group Lore Basic - Will be expanded on to something stupidly long and indepth."