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  1. It COULD be problematic unless you are a lonely bandit WITH a cause. Having to find out who is actually available for some good robbery means you will probably search for characters you know of. Maybe it is an individual in a specific group you don't like or someone you crossed paths with that was rude to you. It provides wiggle room for bandits and the like but with more meaning at the same time. Unless you are super dedicated you wont dig around all the character pages to know who you can rob, you will only dig around if you have some specific targets in mind which likely means you have a specific reason for targeting them.
  2. I had the same thought then I realized three things. One this new character page idea will only help. Two it will work best with groups that have tension with other groups. Three it will still work with individuals who want to target specific people they have anger towards which will make the interaction more meaningful. Random PVP and banditry will remain reduced as it has been since the new rules. So I can really see this allowing for hostilities in a way that is followed through with good reason. No one is going to dig around character pages unless they are after another group or specific individual.
  3. I am all for more hostilities and optional removal of certain rules if certain levels of hostile acceptance are indicated on your character page. My only question is who is going to take the time to study up on character pages so hostile players know who they can and cannot be more hostile with?
  4. Glitch

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    I get what you're putting down. I definitely like that idea but it's hard to know how reliant people will be especially if they are good friends. Some people may find ways to make rising through the ranks really easy. You are right though, carrying strikes between characters while in a group is pretty limiting. It's just a matter of keeping the integrity and not having an army of clones otherwise like Roach said groups can't actually be killed off.
  5. Glitch

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    I support this 100%. I feel to avoid complications the rule could have different terms when applying to a member of a group. Outside of a group 3 strikes sounds good. Inside of a group to avoid the whole second strike alt character thing I think individual's strikes should carry over between characters so long as they are part of a group. Either way good stuff, always here to support a perma death rule.
  6. I appreciate it. Not necessarily trying to obtain the reputation on that day but have that reputation by that day. If we aren't decently known as an unamenable watchful eye then we haven't been doing the behind the scene work. Controlling all of South Zagoria by information is indeed a tall order if you don't have the right amount of effort in place. The way we would be spread out and continuously make rotations and relocate would allow us to stay up to date on all parts necessary. And yeah the first two OOC goals are more server rules than anything and everybody wants to prioritize RP and not start OOC drama but it still doesn't always happen. I totally get where you are coming from though and I'm not trying to argue anything here. Just trying to explain where I am coming from as well. Group is definitely still in early stages of development and I appreciate the feedback! It could be pretty difficult to provide good RP you aren't wrong. I do have all sorts of ideas towards how to create a story out of RP rather than just act, walk and talk. Also yeah a lot could be better explained, reworked and more fleshed out. I appreciate the feedback! We are still pretty early in really getting this group to be what we want it to be.
  7. I appreciate all the positive feedback! I hope it gets somewhere too! If there is any constructive or critical feedback to give please do I only want to the improve the quality of the group.
  8. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Music: Where it all began Panthers, they are phantoms of the jungle. Mason Ryker, the leader of The Prowlers went on a mission trip to South America. While away he had the chance to be guided through a jungle to a quiet and hidden village. On the way two panthers appeared. The guide told them they were different panthers but it seemed like the same one. It was as if it was in two places at once. All they did was watch them as they made their way to the village. The village was tucked away far from any roads or busy river ways. It felt so disconnected from the world yet filled with life. Vibrant trees and plants filled the jungle as well as the sounds of animals and rushing water. It was a world hidden within another world. That is what The Prowlers is to become. The connection didn't hit Mason until he spent time with UNDAC (United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination) in Takistan. The area his team was in wasn't terrible but it wasn't always safe. The locals set up a system to keep the town safe. Various members of this group would volunteer to keep watch at different parts of town and they would signal to each other with three gunshots if something was wrong. It was a way of connecting different parts of town to keep everyone safe. In the same way the panthers were doing this when they watched Mason travel through the jungle. It was a cautionary system. While appearing to do almost nothing the panther was doing so many things. Chernarus On April 17th of 2018 Mason arrived in Chernarus. Too much of his time was spent alone. It was dangerous that way. Along the way he made a couple friends in Miroslavl'. There were some big groups in the area running around with their big guns playing law. It wasn't exactly by the books and supplies were low. The only way to get around these guys was to outwit them so Mason's little group did. They made it their goal to know as much as possible about each person they met and each town they found. They were able to save lives and locate all kinds of vital supplies. This big group was their primary focus though. Everything you could know Mason knew about the group they were worried about. 7PM they all head back to their camp. 10PM people start to sleep, a total of ten guys patrol the camp throughout the night. The first patrol is at ten and they switch every hour. It was too easy at this point. It was also a dangerous game to play. One of them was caught and killed. Information can only get you so far. Mason took a break from this little game and kept low. It wasn't until he was nearing South Zagoria it became necessary again. There are large groups in the area and the system is effective if you have the right people. All they had to do was be like the panther. Be everywhere and anywhere at anytime. See all, hear all and never be known. Allies Survivors deemed friendly Friends and family of group characters Neutral All groups in South Zagoria Enemies The cruel, lawless and merciless (Specifics to be determined) Goals Stay as spread out as possible Rotate observation locations among members Act as individual survivors Passively observe and gather information across South Zagoria Regroup every week to share gathered information (Continuous) Use obtained information to protect ourselves and others (Continuous) Work on the inside of other groups as spies Obtain a mysterious reputation, stay unknown (Day 350) Try to create quiet relations with Altar Radio Station (Day 340) Slowly morph into a tight knit group and establish place to settle (Day 400) Control the entire territory of South Zagoria by knowing as much as possible about everything Extra Information The Prowlers are a quiet group of people. They stay spread out as if they don't know one another. Every so often they help people in need or toss some vital information to one group and watch the chaos unfold between two warring groups. The Prowlers are a very passively active people, it's like they are doing a million things without moving a finger. They are everywhere. Expectations Stay loyal to the group. If any member commits a traitorous act they will be hunted down. Keep information quiet and keep the group a secret. Never publicly speak the name of the group. Note Turning yourself on the group doesn't mean you are no longer involved. You will not be kicked out unless you want to leave. Becoming an enemy to your own group allows for great RP and a great story. Goals Keep OOC banter and tension to a minimum Prioritize RP Involve as many players as possible Focus on creating a story Allow other players to help drive the group in different directions Allow for change, morph into different directions of good and evil Expectations As a member of this group it is expected that you prioritize RP. This group will not prioritize PVP. For the sake of RP and story it is not required but hoped that as a member you will perma-death your character within reason. We also hope that our members draw our their RP experiences for the sake of a story. For example if you are taken hostage by another group it would draw out a quality RP experience if you played prisoner for a number of days vs the single day you are captured. Of course these situations also require communication and compromise between groups but the idea is to prioritize RP. Extra Information This group is not an information bandit group! The Prowlers will at first be an observant group and passively obtain information. Information is used to benefit the group and the allies of the group. Information is also used to become the smartest power in South Zagoria. Very few should know we even exist yet we hope to control the entire area by simply knowing as much as possible about everyone everywhere. This way we have potential control over any area (unless overpowering threats exist in specific areas) in South Zagoria. Glitch - Mason Ryker Initial recruitment to get started may be OOC but if we reach five members recruitment will be strictly IC. Time zone USA Activity (This group will need active members as it is very routine based) Meet us IC and follow up OOC
  9. Not many people would believe a story about a "treasure map" that led to somewhere in the Black Mountains north of Miroslavl', Chernarus. I didn't believe it but boy was I wrong. It all started when I was young. I had this great desire for adventure as a child does. As I grew older it was still there. I wanted to go on trips to various countries helping people, learning languages and maybe finding unique things on the way. Trip after trip I was never tired of any of it. I visited Australia, Turkey, South America, China, Thailand, New Zealand and so much more. Thankfully it was paid for. Many of the trips were for meetings with other small and very active disaster relief groups. We were trying to recruit a solid team for a crisis in Chernarus. A civil war broke out. Sadly we didn't gather enough people. If we went with what we had we wouldn't have protection or enough skills all around to do much to help. They said it was for our own safety we don't go. So we missed that chance but redeemed ourselves with some work in Takistan. It was especially interesting though when I took a trip to Turkey. So I took a trip to Turkey. Out of my pocket and with a few friends from the team. This was purely for fun but also to meet up with a journalist and photographer in Trabzon. Trabzon is a beautiful place in Turkey. The journalist and photographer were working to document the town and then write a story. They heard we were coming and insisted they show us around. So they did, beautiful hills with a beautiful view of the Green Sea. It was amazing but even more amazing is what they found. We all gathered one night in their apartment. The room had many fans trying to tame the humidity and a small lamp that filled the room with a warm yellow color. Next thing we know there is the oldest piece of paper sitting on the table infront of us. It was a map, a really old map. They said it had to be early 1800's. Yeah I know this is weird. A map seriously? From the 1800's? You'd be surprised what's waiting for you to find. So where did they get a map like this? The two said they found it while diving several miles off the coast of Trabzon. It was near an old sunken ship from the early 1950's with the flag of Chernarus on it. Apparently it was making a trip to Turkey when it sunk during a storm. Most of the ship storage was found years ago. The crate was on the ship but in a room the salvage divers years ago missed. The room covered by debris and mud so no one would have thought it was there. The map was secure in a water tight metal crate which was also filled with old tools. They think someone already tried to find where the map leads but failed. These two didn't want to fail, which is why they wanted our help. We were a decently sized team good with foreign countries and hard labor. I thought this was crazy, we can't just go digging around in some country, we probably wont find anything! Yet I still found myself saying yes... Was it worth it? I suppose, the only reason I am South Zagoria now is because I said yes. South Zagoria is a pretty place but it can be dangerous. I would rather be home. I guess we all would though. Anyway we prep for the trip. The team and I have our supplies delievered and we hop on a ship headed for Miroslavl'. We have all the documentation and apparently our photographer and journalist know a guy in Miroslavl' who can get us past all of the cargo checks. He also provides us with a vehicle and we are on our way. It was a long drive on the way to the Black Mountains. We stayed with various families along the way. Very nice people, curious as to why we were there. We just kept telling them we were traveling to the Black Mountains for a movie we were creating called "Undiscovered Beauty." All of the locals kept telling us to be careful because people disappear in the mountains. We weren't sure what that meant but we were already this far and we were not going to turn around. We made it to the mountains. The map was very unclear where to go. It indicated there was a large search area spread over five miles. We spent two weeks narrowing it down. Finally we were close, we knew it. I hope you aren't expecting a happy Indiana Jones ending where we take a bunch of gold. It took a few hours but we dug it out. At the bottom of this hole was an old wooden hatch. So we went inside. It seemed like the place was hardly holding itself up, dirt would crumble down to the floor from the ceiling every so often. There it was. Glorified in this dark musty room on a pedestal of some sort was an old book with a coin between the first page and front cover. *Click* That's when I turn to see the photographer and journalist pointing guns at us. Four of us two of them, maybe we can overpow... One of us ran for it and just got shot. [Ryker] "Why is this what's happening?! We made it this far for a book and you want to kill us now?!" [Photographer] "Well we can't let you see what's in here, now you can try to run like your friend there and get shot or you can come with us and keep your mouth shut." What choice did we have? We went with them, climbed out of the hole. Then one of my team members tackled the photographer to the ground. They were engaged in a fist fight, the other had his gun moving back and forth between all of us. The book fell out of the photographers hand, the coin rolled down into the hole. I ran over to help with the photographer, I was shoved into the hole. I couldn't see anything at the top. I must have hit my head. Everything sounded weird, almost muffled and I was disoriented. I heard two gunshots, an explosion and a vehicle drive away. The explosion caused the room to start to collapse, the hole started filling with dirt. I grabbed the coin, and started climbing out. I made it eight feet up the hole with four more to go. I couldn't move my legs. Have you ever been buried alive? It's not fun, I wasn't very deep at this point but my face was being covered and it was hard to breathe. I was under for about ten more minutes before I finally got out. I flopped on the ground gasping for air for another ten minutes. Two bodies sat on the ground. The photographer and one of my friends. The journalist got away and must have taken my last guy. From that moment I have been surviving. I don't know what was in the book and I know nothing about the coin but I still carry it around. I don't know what happened to my friend or the journalist but maybe we will meet again some day. This all happened about two weeks before the outbreak, I couldn't get out of the country in time and there was almost no chance during all of the chaos. I kept my head low far up north. I stayed with a small family as long as I could. Eventually I found my way to South Zagoria, I needed a change of scenerey and maybe I can find a boat and make it to Turkey. If not we'll see what's here for me. So yeah this didn't have a happy ending with Indiana Jones on a motorcycle riding off into the sunset but it's a good story.
  10. Glitch

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I very much agree with this. I haven't played DayZRP or DayZ in months. I mostly play DayZ only for DayZRP. Before the hostility rule change casual talking and walking happened but not like it does now, it wasn't as depressing. Now it's very dull. We are all role players, artists. We are trying to create a world, paint a picture. We are told we are in an apocalypse, a world of danger, excitement, beauty, sadness. Although you may not paint it this way, this way or this way. It's role play, it shouldn't be so rule tight right now. Don't get me wrong the staff do a good job with the rules and it's not like we are chained down but there needs to be a little more room to run. Rule 5.3 says to not prioritize rule play over role play. 5.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. "Rule play" is prioritizing kill rights, rules or OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play. It feels like we are being told to prioritize rule play. By focusing on rules that reduce hostile action there are present out of character gains to the detriment of RP. Players now have this out of character gain in that they don't have to deal with hostilities very often and may also become very attached to their gear. Less players who want to play a hostile character don't get as many opportunities to in an apocalyptic world where realistically people would likely be more aggressive and dangerous. Such a low amount of hostilities doesn't seem like appropriate actions or behavior IC in a world where people may need to steal and be aggressive for supplies like food and meds. With loose rules hostile players have the advantage because they can abuse it and take lots of gear. Both sides are a form of GearRP. We need a good balance.
  11. Glitch

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I think the current rules are too tight. I think the previous could be too lose. I'd like to see robberies occur because they did strike fear for some people and they just sparked up more hostility. I would hope though they occur within reason. GearRP became an issue when the rules were very loose and most hostile RP consisted of holding people up, stripping them down and not really roleplaying. I think if a new rule is in place it should kinda reflect the current 6.1 in that it should be fairly justified. Not extremely, it shouldn't require a checklist or have the same strictness it does now but it shouldn't just be because you are bored. I would think being someone who is hungry and needs to take food from someone is fair enough. Just be reasonable. I think 6.2 should be removed. I liked when people played crazy goons. One great experience for me while playing was being held up by cannibals who cut my finger off and tasted it. Crazy people give the atmosphere IG some edge. It makes it kinda spoopy to travel alone in the woods or at night knowing they could hold you up or be hostile just because they are crazy or a bandit.
  12. Hello Alan of the U.K. Welcome to DayZRP of the DayZ Standalone.
  13. Glitch

    Beta First Impressions.

    Looks pretty neat.
  14. Glitch

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    Haven't really read every reply in here in depth but I agree with a lot. I feel the rules are too tight. I miss some good old hostile RP even if it was just some crazy doods who wanted to try to cook me up or strike some fear. I didn't care if they had a real reason they had a gun to my head and I was going to comply. Somebody has to be the bad guy okay. Otherwise it gets boring. It's like a natural order that occurs. Someone always chooses to play the hostile RPer eventually. We need more quality hostile RP. We need someone to strike fear into survivors. We need someone to rebel against that fear. Equally hostile players need valid reason. So if you want some more action or your RP is dull give them a reason! Also read closely! For example, role playing a bandit, murderer or crazy person does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself So this means you cannot ATTACK keyword attack but you can still rob or initiate! Also YOU MAY NOT - Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play.- Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. Solution: Initiate or rob other players for supplies, NEEDED supplies involving lots of quality role play and pay attention to your victims and engage with them! Seriously though, the rules can be tight but there is still lots of room to be hostile as long as you do it with quality and integrity unless my interpretation is too literal.