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  1. Papa Emeritus checking in.

    who let this yahoo in?
  2. Agald/Kozak Peacing Out

  3. bye guys

    Bluzzard did you ever find a shotgun? Or is this a rage quit?
  4. Hi!... Bye.

  5. Goodbye, Fellow RPers

    First of all. Kudos to ruffboi being able to write that sentence even tho he was most likely super high. Secondly, nooopooo! Gov ill miss you man. Hit me up on war thunder some time. Ill miss you thunder buddy.
  6. sudden increase

    I think its a good thing. So long as no hackers came with.....
  7. Legion robbery (There's a good boy) - Arma 2: DayZ Mod

    he got walshified
  8. scariest game you've ever played?

    When i was younger it was F.E.A.R. then as i got older it was liesur suit larry. Nothing scarier than knocking a chick up on accident.
  9. KG goes down again...

    Damn kg. You scary
  10. RF and CLF Kosing????

    I enjoy the occasional KOS as well.
  11. Okay this really creeped me out

    How would a new zombie race create nearly endless rp possibilities?
  12. Zeleno Crips VS TOR (Before the wipe and MOD)

    WTB M249
  13. Tomeran's list of "stuff we should have less of"

    This all seems retarded to me. Ive played on servers like what are being suggested. As far as i could tell, they arent fun. Thats my opinion. Let me rephrase this. Tomerans suggestions arent retarded. The changes actually are. Once youve seen and them in action you may not want it like this.
  14. The Unfortunate Journal of Dr. Drew

    Another good one.
  15. Greetings!

    Welcome aboard buddy Welcome!!