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  1. Jake Williams was born and raised in Arizona in the good ole USA. Williams father was a Law Enforcement Officer and while his mother was out of the picture. Williams enjoyed hunting and competitive shooting while he was growing up. Once out of highschool he took up a job as a hunting guide, he would work in Arizona then travel across the country to hunt in different territory for bigger or more interesting game. But throughout all of the hunting trips he continued too stay in touch with his father, after every trip he'd go home to see his father again. After taking a Russian client on a hunt in Northern Arizona the client offered to get him to Chernarus for a bear hunt within the beautiful country side. Getting into Chernarus was the easy part, maybe because it was somewhat illegal passing through the border with the firearms and ammunition. The hunting party camped in the northern region for two weeks they decided to go into a town and restock on supplies. As the hunting party was entering a small farming village they witnessed bodies in the streets and a person eating another person. One of the members announced their presence, what appeared to be a legion of these flesh eating people came swarming out of the buildings. The party out of sheer terror opened fire, Williams was the only one that was able to get away from the horde. Now he's trying to find a way home by any means necessary.
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