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  1. Noel was born in a small farming town in Northern Ireland to a seemingly normal family, with a dairy farmer for a father, a housewife as a mother and an older brother. Noel during his childhood kept to himself most of the time not going out very much as he spent most of his free time drawing, studying, and helping out on the farm when needed, in school Noel was quite average doing ok in most subjects except his favourite, science, where exceeded far beyond his classmates. Growing up Noel and his brother were never really close to their father and so weren't keen towards the idea of inheriting the family farm instead Noel wanted to become a veterinarian specialising in marine species as he always had a fascination with oceanic life. When Noel was 12 the family tensions were growing within the household and Noel's father never really bothered with Noel or his brother and left all the work for their mother to do and arguments became a daily occurrence with the fights coming to a head where it was discovered that Noel's father was cheating on his mother with another woman, Noel's mother having suspicions was furious and decided to leave Noel's father taking him and his brother with her. Noel's mother now having to look after herself and her children decided to join the army reserves as a way to make an income with Noel's brother to help with the financial situation joining her when he became of age. Noel looked up to his mother and brother and so in a way to be like them had thoughts of joining the navy reserves, so to gain experience joined the sea cadet corps as a teenager learning valuable skills including basic engineering, catering, navigation and especially first aid. The 3 of them were happy together as Noel went through his teenage years he decided to follow his passion and was planning to go to university to study biology. However a few months before Noel turned 18 tragedy struck as Noel's mother and brother were called to battle with the army reserves dying in the process. Noel knowing he would never want to go back to his father decided to leave Northern Ireland and never look back. Not knowing how to process the death of his family Noel decided to bury himself in work and studied to get his mind away from it all, hearing about the strain on medical services in Chernarus due to the Caedesviridae infection Noel saw that as an easy way to study, get away from NI and get a job within the biology field, so it was set and Noel had plans put in place to leave ASAP. Noel arrived in Chernarus in early March and quickly found himself in quite the predicament as not even a week had past since he arrived and Chernarus was placed into a country-wide quarantine. Noel not being able to leave decided to make the most out of his situation by enrolling in a biology course and landing himself a job as a medical assistant in a local hospital. At the hospital he earned the nickname кролик or the rabbit from his colleagues due to a complex motor tic he's had since he was young where when he's stressed he puts he rubs his nose with both of his hands similarly to a rabbit. As weeks turned to months within Chernarus and the countries condition precedingly getting worse Noel found himself doing the medical grunt work that used to be in the hospital now in the evacuation camps where he has used his biology studies and hands on training to do procedures on his own helping most people within the camp he's been placed in. The hope he seems to put into people when he helps them has rubbed off on him as in present he goes on helping everyone he can with a naïve optimism that if he works hard enough things will get better, he lives by this motto he instilled into himself as now it's all he has left.
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