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  1. Living his youth relatively poor in LA, Dirk decided to become a humanitarian medic. Training for years in post-secondary, obtaining a doctorate in human biology, and certifications in first aid, surgery, and pharmaceuticals. Finally able to help the less fortunate, Dirk's first deployment was to Namalsk, when the first sign of infection came around. The humanitarian situation quickly deteriorated. Through poor logistics, faltering government and military support, and violent looting, chaos took hold, and Dirk's assignment quickly turned dangerous. Escaping nearly by a thread from a band of armed soldiers-turned-bandits, most of his medical equipment was lost. Still wanting to do good, Dirk vowed to rebuild his stock of medical gear and continue his mission... no matter the cost.
  2. Mitt grew up in a small family in the rural municipality surrounding Ottawa. At a young age, Mitt honed his skills as a sharpshooter. Coming into illegal ownership of a Ruger 10/22, Mitt practiced his marksmanship by sneaking out into the backwoods and hunting small game and birds. An experienced shooter by the age of 12, Mitt was dead set on joining the armed forces. At 17, with his parents' consent, he joined the armed forces and began training as a rifleman. Recognized for his accomplishments at the range, Mitt was transferred to an advanced marksmanship course. In 2014, when Russian VDV troops invaded Ukraine, Mitt volunteered to help train Ukrainian troops for urban combat. He shipped out to 142nd Special Operations Training Centre in Berdychiv, Ukraine, with the prospect of skipping the regular rotation. He planned to stay there and help train until operation UNIFIER would be withdrawn in March of 2022. When the infection broke out, Mitt decided to go AWOL and defect to Chernarus via the Russian panhandle in the black sea. On arrival, Mitt used the chaos and disorganization to lay low, effectively evading Canadian and Russian authorities. Using his military training and marksmanship experience, Mitt continues to survive the ongoing FUBAR that is Chernarus.
  3. A young Canadian backpacker and photographer, Ian found himself in Chernarus at the beginning of the outbreak while on a personal trip. Using his honed survival skills learned from his backpacking endeavors, Ian managed to stay alive until the present, falling in with various living populations and groups. As a child, Ian was an Air Cadet. His history in Air Cadets lead to his love for nature and survival. With several years of camping and bare-minimum survival exercises, Ian is a well-versed survivor. Ian's love for photography began in high school when he picked up a photography elective. Having worked with numerous mediums, Ian can manage almost any kind of modern camera. Having years of stable shots and perfect angles, Ian's photography skills carried over to firearms. Ian owns two firearms back in Canada, which he practiced with often. Having played airsoft when he was younger, Ian has a more-than-basic understanding of combat and tactics. Ian is obsessed with military history and design, and can easily recognize various vehicles, pieces of equipment, and uniforms. As a passion project, Ian decided to try his hand at designing and building a tank when he finished high school. Being a multi-year endeavor, Ian only got to about halfway done before he left for Chernarus (having intended to at some point return).
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