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  1. Growing up in a ex-socialist country, Ismar enjoyed hiking with his mother, much to the dismay of his scientist father, who would rather that Ismar went down the science path so that they could research illnesses together. His father being an important figure, Ismar enjoyed a lot of perks during his childhood, including learning how to ski at a very young age. Ismar enjoyed a normal childhood, which was only sometimes interrupted by his mothers' health, with which she has always struggled. When he turned 18, Ismar chose to not go to University, but to finish with his mandatory 2 year military service, and after that to start working in a mountain rescue service, close to his city. When the first cases started breaking out in Livonia, Ismar's father was part of the first group of scientists to be sent there, to try and figure out what was happening. After only two months of working for the mountain rescue service, his mother died, and Ismar was forced to go back home to figure the funeral out with his father. But he quickly realised that would be a much bigger problem, since he couldn't get into contact with his father. After a couple of months, with the funeral behind him, Ismar realised that something was quite wrong, so he quickly asked for help from friends of his father which worked for the government, and he was on his way to Livonia, where he got information that his father was arrested and sent to Russia. Using all of his military and mountain rescue experience, Ismar managed to treck to Sochi, and quickly after that to Namalsk to continue searching for his father while the world around him is falling apart.
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