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  1. The son of a fisherman in the coastal city of Svaneke on the island of Bornholm. Felix was raised with a strong work ethic and learned as a child that hard work does not guarantee success. He was taught the craft of his father and his father before; he learned how to take a bounty from the sea. The work was both demanding and exhausting, but he became quite skilled at it. Felix took on the family business at age 18 after his father passed away. Felix was a kind person and would often give away the fish he didn't sell at the market to the local orphanage and the homeless. By the age of 26, Felix had created a reputation for being the best fisherman on the island but his mother had grown ill, and that winter she passed away. For years Felix continued his work and brought joy to all he could but never leaving his island. One summer Felix was invited to go on a fishing trip in Turkey with some of the local fishermen. Although hesitant at first he happily accepted and has his equipment packed within the week. While on the fishing trip to Turkey in the Black Sea Felix and his crew were met with high winds and heavy rains. The boat that Felix was on capsized and he was stranded with only his fishing pole and an inflatable raft. Drifting for weeks he services by catching fish and eating them raw. During one night while Felix is sleeping he washes ashore Namalsk.
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