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  1. Ken was raised in a military household until his father got the call. always taught to be genuine and true to his character. His father Jack Kenobi fought during the battle of Livonia on NATO's behalf, when the local insurgents attacked. Ken was raised by his grandmother when his father was serving in his young years. Ken's mother was never in the picture, he had no memory of his mother because she had left before he was a year old. Nevertheless, he turned out to be fine when his father retired from active duty and came back home but still having a role in the military, Ken was only 12 years old when his father returned. During Ken's teenage years he would often hunt with his father in their private land. Hunting any type of game from Doe's to rabbits. Ken was not afraid to get his hands dirty or be afraid to handle a rifle. He knew what to do in the right situation and what not to do in a situation. When Ken was in his 20s, he opted out of going to school but to stay home and get a job at a local warehouse in logistics, but this only lasted a few years until he decided to follow his fathers footsteps. When Ken was 23 he joined the military and with his dad still being an active military personnel he managed to rise in ranks faster than his peers. Ken excelled in marksmanship, managing to receive almost perfect scores on long range shooting tests. It was not long after until Ken found out his father who is a very high ranking personal restricted his son from actually serving in tours. Ken never saw real combat and was usually put in the war room, which is the room where strategies and planning would take place and also watching it unfold. Ken never understood why his father prohibited him from serving his country like he wanted to but never decided to go against his demands. As years went by and conflicts came and passed, Ken never married or found love since he was constantly moving around the world. By the time Ken was in his late 40s he was set to stay in Chernarus for good. He enjoyed the lonely lifestyle and didn't mind working in the embassy. Until the war came he was living quietly. Ken's father Jack died when Ken was 46. Although this would affect many people negatively, Ken was proud of the life his father lived. He may have not been there during his early years but he was there during the most vital parts of his ken lives and shaped ken to be the man he is now and the man he would become when the apocalypse arrives. Ken's daily routine was simple but he did not mind it. He loved his 2 story green house that looked like it had a mustache at the front of the house. this is how it would be for years until the war comes. When the day came that would change his life forever he received very rare orders from the top levels of command to board a private plane which would take him to a secret operating island miles away but before arrived a bright flash occurred in the distance. After which his memory began to flash from the screaming and the downfall of the plane to moments before the plane crashed in the sea. He remembers nothing but the bright flash and the shockwave that manage to cause his plane to fall off the sky. Awakened by the sound of growls and moans in the distance, Ken stood up and went to see if everyone was okay until he realized a terrible truth, a truth that will change everything he thought he knew about the world. Dead man walking. Ken froze in place without a single emotion and ran down the hill as quickly as he could. managing to escape he calms himself down and wonders what he saw on the hill. A world he knew was now gone . His life was never going to be the same again. The life he left behind was no longer a reality. Dead man walking is the reality and Ken wants to know why and what happened, but more importantly how he would survive in this new climate. His story only begins now.
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