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  1. William's father often visited Chernarus for various business trips and he was forced to visit with him from a young age due to the death of his mother when he was young. His father was a keep outdoorsman and they often spent time wild camping in the Chernarus wilderness if his father had any off days. His father taught him a lot of useful skills for surviving in the wilderness. When the outbreak started William and his Father were staying in a hotel in the city. After the city being locked down for several days, the outbreak became worse and the city was overrun by the infected as the military forces occupying the city were forced to retreat. William and his father escaped the city into the wilderness after a struggle with a few infected in the hotel lobby. After finding a safe place to camp for the night William's father became very ill so they both went to sleep. In the morning William's father was unresponsive. After a few minutes trying to wake him, he began to stir, but it wasn't William's father anymore, he had changed into one of the infected. Not knowing what to do William fled from his father's animated bloodthirsty corpse deeper into the woods. For months William survived by himself in the wilderness hunting and scavenging using the skills his late father had taught him. Eventually, he decided to venture back to what he thought might be civilisation to find what encounters might await him.
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