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  1. Kyle was born in central Boston at a hospital called "Central General". As a kid Kyle was.. Pretty chaotic to say the least, he was the kid that always pulled pranks on his teachers, got into fights with the other kids and was called into meetings with the principal along with his parents. His grades weren't bad, he didn't have much trouble with school in general but he just enjoyed a rush of adrenaline from time to time. Kyle definitely had people he hung out with in his day to day life, not really any "friends" mostly people he spent time around because he had nothing better to do. However, on Kyle's free time there was nothing he liked better then studying different police forces, his biggest dream was to one day become an "Officer of the law". He finished school with decent grades, nothing out of the ordinary but they weren't necessarily bad. So when he got out of High School he instantly applied to be a cadet, which meant a working with administrative duties for the police department for two years to then become eligible for the BPD Police Academy. He got through his two years as a cadet without a breeze really and within 3 years he was a fully sworn-in officer patrolling the streets. He really enjoyed his job, after working for a couple years he decided to take a year abroad, discovering Europe and all it had to offer. He went to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.. Poland, the country where it all went to shit. Kyle was out taking a stroll, just a normal day, looking what Poland has to offer when a guy comes sprinting right at him, he looks absolutely rabid, as the man comes up to him he starts to swing his arms at Kyle and Kyle flings him over his shoulder onto the ground. He looks in the mans face and see that it's completely rotten, blood running down his mouth and him absolutely sprawling on the ground. And this people, is where Kyle's experience with the Zombie Apocalypse starts, he hears of a safe place in Namalsk, he travels there and after that all that's waiting is what will come, what we don't know yet.
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