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  1. Trained and revered as an upcoming Sociologist and curator of academic works surrounding the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the states—and subservient territories—affected by its disolvement, Gweryn has not wained in his pursuit of knowledge as a graduate student due to the global catastrophe. He has merely adapted to the circumstances—adjusting his work to fit the times: studying how societies are dealing with the intrepid Flu through either thriving in the anarchy, rebuilding the old world as best as it can, or somewhere in between. In order to maintain such a devoted approach to his profession, it is fair to say Gweryn is quite obsessive and unrealistic. He may have motivations beyond knowledge—to something more selfish—as, who would care about the function of society if it is a great possibility that no society shall soon exist? Gweryn has been engrossed in the methods of ethnography—studying cultures and societies by becoming immersed in them. Therefore, he has traveled—through not so legal means with money that may or may not have been meant for student loans that are no longer required in an anarchic world—to a case study of both his fascination for societies grappling with the Flu and his work with the Soviet Union: Nemalsk. This venture is not to fuel thoughts of fearlessness, which he himself may construe as the truth—when in reality, this may tie to his inability to view himself as vulnerable. Stuck within the walls of the Ivory Tower of the Academy, Gweryn is an arrogant, self-assured savant at a great not-many things. However, he may just provide a necessary source of leadership, courage, and insight not found amongst the current inhabitants while providing his proportional amount of dangers to whatever society remains.
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