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  1. Gynocyde Jones was born December 30th of 1993. She grew up on the higher end of the middle class world in Northern Virginia. Her mother Tanya West, worked for Homeland Security. Gynocyde never knew what exactly her mother did because she was under a top secret security clarence. Her biological father, Jerome Jones was a dishonorably discharged airmen. Her father was a hothead who enjoyed drinking and fighting, which was a huge part of the reason that her mother and him never worked out. The early years of her life were simple and insignificant. She was constantly picked on for being tall and skinny. She was taken advantage of for being too nice. Typical lifestyle for a middle classed female such as her. In 6th grade Gynocyde discovered her love for basketball. She applied herself to it and studied it. She helped take her team to the championships every year. She was often voted MVP. She was great at it and knew that she wanted to go as far as she could with it. Fast forwarding to highschool, Gynocyde started gaining a lot of traction with her basketball highlights. A fan of hers who happened to be a huge sports blogger began uploading her highlights on youtube. Her highlights started going viral worldwide. She graduated early at 16 with a perfect gpa. She had nothing else to do but study and apply herself since her mother was always so busy with work and when she wasn't she was strict because everything she did could affect her mothers job. She was offered a full professional contract and decided to skip college and take it. The team owner, Shabtai Kalmanovich, offered Gynocyde an $800,000 signing bonus. At 16 years old, that was an unbelievable amount and she was excited to accept but her mother had other feelings about it. Being connected to Russia while working for Homeland Security would prove a huge issue. Two months after receiving her contract, Gynocyde's mother announced her resignation from Homeland Security. She rushed home one day and began packing. Confused and worried she questioned her mother looking for answers and got none. Her mother yelled at her to pack anything of importance that she wanted to take. Her mother made a call to Kalmanovich saying that they would accept his offer. She then walked away from Gynocyde to have a private conversation. Shortly after, her mother returned stating that they had a flight in 5 hours to Russia. Of course Gynocyde being the person she was she demanded answers. Her mother was acting out of character and she wanted to know why. Still getting no answers she got packed up. On the drive to the airport her mother asked for Gynocydes' phone and tossed both of their phones out the window on the highway to the BWI Airport. She turned up the radio and told Gynocyde the truth. They were now on the run. Her mother had aired out Homeland Security for their malpractice and lies to the American people. She couldn't bare working for them anymore and released classified info. They were offered Political Assylum in Russia where they couldn't be touched and would be starting their new lives there. After 9 months of playing for the Spartak Moscow, Kalmanovich was murded. Luckily he had already drafter out her contract for the next 10 years. He left her some of his credit cards. He treated her like his own daughter and nurtured her talent. Her mother and her lived a luxurious life. Life was simple for a few years until 2019 came about. Februrary of 2019 there was a state of emergency issued. Gynocyde and her mother had been separated for months while her mother was in quarantine. She hadn't heard from her and had no idea if she would make it out alive or if they would ever see each other again. All over the news there were talks about outbreaks and infection from frenzy flu. In june there were reports going world wide of the infected mutating and becoming aggressive and unresponsive to human command. She was left alone. An apocalypse was here....and she was NOT prepared. She had no idea what would come next. She had a sheltered life and now was about to be thrown to the wild. Where would this new life take her?
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