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  1. Soe

    Hello all!

    I was crying laughing. Will do! Hope we meet again
  2. Soe

    Hello all!

    Just finished creating my character and applying for whitelist. Looking forward to having a fun or maybe not so fun time in Namalsk!
  3. Soe Popov was born in the Russian city of Vorkuta. A native of the island of Namalsk Soe grew up the only child to a single parent. Her mother, Galina, died when Soe was 19, the victim of a car accident. Her father had been an officer at the military serving at one of the local Russian military outposts where he had spent most of his career after graduating at the Frunze Military Acadamy. He died while Gailna Popov was still pregnant with their child. His death, so Soe's mother was told, occurred during an accident while he was on station but the finer details surrounding his death were never released and the information has remained classified since then. Schooled at Moscow State University Soe had moved back to the island of Namalsk to work at the marine life research labs located on the south of the island. She was living in her old soviet style apartment in Vorkuta when the outbreak of the frenzied flu occurred. Now trapped on the island and left for dead by the Russian Federation along
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