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  1. an avid hunter since his father first took him at the age of 10, David has all most spent more time in the woods as he did his home and school put together other then that his childhood was unremarkable at best and mundane at worst. after graduating highschool he joined the canadian army and shortly after recruited in to jtf2. where he was deployed to afgaiastain to train locals in counter terrorist tactics then was redeployed to a far north outpost for a few years after that he sent all his days off in the woods and plains of northern Quebec and the southern parts of the north west territory. he has all so spent some time in Chernarus a few hunting trips over the years and had planed on his latest trip to only last about one to two weeks but got trapped when the borders where closed then spent most of the year avoiding the big city and people but now venture's south in order to find a community that could benefit from his skills and hopes he can find a long range radio to call his comrades to evac him and ant civilian's he can
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