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  1. Gareth was born into poverty during the early 90's. Dealt a poor hand from the very start his mother and father split when he was young and shortly after his 6th birthday his single parent mother died of a drug overdose. Following his mothers death he was placed into residential care where he spent his childhood bouncing from foster family to foster family. At the age of 14 Gareth had his first run in with the law, he was arrested for stealing from a foster family. He then continued to clash with the law throughout his teens and at the age of 17 he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing a car. In his early 20's he became addicted to Heroin and continued to serve sentences behind bars for theft and over low level crime. In 2018 he travelled to Namalsk to get a fresh start in life and had been working as a builders apprentice.
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