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  1. Nikola was born in small town name Kamensk to father Kosta and mother Valentina on march 18th 1997, Kosta was local businessman he had multiple casinos around Chernaruss, in his young age Nikola was following his father all the time and he was learning about family business , Nikola was pretty active kid for his age so Kosta made him do boxing in his free time, as the years passed Nikola finished high school and decided that he wont go to the college, he went to military instead, his father wasnt happy about his decision because he wanted him to continue family business with casinos, but Nikola didnt saw him self in Casinos business... 4 years passed and Nikola was still in the military in those 4 years he got in huge fight with his father and they didnt speak to each other at all, his mother was heartbroken by this. In those years Nikola got a lot of experience in Warfare. 1 more year passed Nikola was sent on mission that no one knew anything about, when he came back he wasnt the same person he was when he left. He didnt talk to his friends for months, he was still in fight with his father, and his mother couldnt reach him for months as well. Some say that he was in Chernogorsk doing some private security jobs, some say was a hitman, but the truth is no one actually know the truth but him. Months passed and some strange kind of virus happened. Nikola was doing pretty good in that scary moment when outbreak happened, but how weeks passed he started thinking about his parents and how they cant survive on their own, even tho his was in fight with his father it was still his father and Nikola knew that. His parents need him and his skills. Nikola set a new mission for him self, and that mission was to do everything possible to find his parents and take care of him!
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