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  1. Chucky Greystone was born on June 27th 1987 and raised in Houston Texas. As a young man Chucky pursued a career in photography and film production eventually becoming a well known producer in the city of Houston. One night Chucky after reading the news on Asian mafias and organized crime he decided that he wanted to put his film production skill to use, by gathering footage for a documentary of organized crime in Asia. A week following the ideas of making his documentary he travelled to Asia via boat. Evidently Chucky was caught overseas capturing footage of an Asian mafia. Chucky was then tortured and interrogated repeatedly until the captors received the information they were looking for. Although the captors came up empty handed due to Chucky hiding the footage he eventually escaped after being starved and stranded in a cage he got away due to an American nurse that was hired to keep track and care of the prisoners. Feeling remorse for Chucky and wanting him to survive because of knowing who he was, she then left open his cage one night after feeding him and dressing his wounds, Chucky escaped and came across a cargo ship that went from Asia to Namalsk. Little did Chucky know that he would end up fighting for his life all over again due to the massive outbreak of infection that turned countless amounts of residents into zombies.
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