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  1. Raheem Taylor was born in the violent South Chicago on September 04, 2000. His father was a Black Disciple member who sold drugs to provide for the family. When Raheem was 3, his father was robbed and killed on the corner of 79th and Essex. His mother had enough of the city after the constant shootings every week and decided to immigrate to Namalsk when Raheem was 5. The life was much better, Raheem got to go to school, made excellent grades, and was excellent at sports. when Raheem was 18, He graduated top of his class with a scholarship to Oxford University back in America. Raheem was about to set off to go to America but in May, a new virus came to Namalsk called the Frenzied Flu. This caused all airports to shut down. and Raheem and his mother were moved into a Quarantine Zone. while people infected were to be treated else where. The outbreak got worse and worse over the months to come and the Soldiers protecting the island gave up and only leave food for people that can get it. Raheem and His Mother tried to leave the island but they heard people were easily dying to the flu so they decided to settle down. Raheem is now trying to find a way to Sochi and get away from the island.
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