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  1. Jake Witten was born into an upper-middle-class household in Vancouver Canada. For the most part, Jake lived an unassuming life, growing up in Vancouver is not a hard life. While his regular life was unassuming he was always exceptional at hockey, in fact, that was his life. He grew up around hockey and played it from a young age he always showed a natural talent for it and always played in the best league. His life was molded around the way the game was and the code that was followed in this game. Jake would learn this code as he would get older and older as he worked his way up through the leagues and as he won championships. Jake was always a key component in the makeup of the team, he always played a key role. However, what jake learned is that you need to keep the important people on your team safe and that is where the code comes in, it was all about respect. Whether he knew it or not he had learned the code of hockey since he started playing. Jake learned and enforced this code, his lethal combination of skill and build made him a force to be reconded with, whether it was scoring goals or protecting his team he didn't care it was all the same to him. Jake had one goal he always wanted to complete, playing for Team Canada, it was all he had ever dreamed about. Playing for Canada was something that was easy and something he worked for. However, during 2018 he was contacted by representatives from Team Canada and was invited to play at the 2018-19 IIHF World Juniors in Moscow Russia. Jake happily accepted and began to plan his trip to Russia, as well as his training for the Tournament. The tournament was set to take place between December 25th and January 5th. Jake had never been to Russia before and had decided to set up a trip around Russia and the Baltic areas after the tournament. Come December 20th Jake was off to play for Team Canada, his dream he had always looked for. Jake and Team Canada played hard and fast and had won the World Juniors after a long and gurgling tournament. Jake felt so accomplished and felt so happy to have time to himself traveling around Russia, he was excited to see what the country had to offer and what he would learn. Jake arrived on Deer isle on February 10th and was staying in the north end of the island when he first heard about the outbreak on the 15th. Jake wasn't overly concerned about the mysterious attack as he assumed that someone had maybe just gotten drunk or some other infection. Jake had a planned date to leave the island around the end of the month however he was told after the attacks and screening in the south that he would have to stay on the island as the country he wanted to go to next would not take him with this unknown infection that was happening. He was told to stay on the island because the military was there keeping everyone safe but he didn't feel that was true, he made many attempts to try and leave but over and over again he was told to stay on the island and that the military had this under control. Jake was held almost captive in the hotel he stayed at in the north he was told when to come to eat and when to stay inside he had no freedom, he was stuck. Jake had not heard anything about the outbreak until it was too late he was at his hotel when he heard what was going on outside he made a run out of the hotel with the clothes on his back and made it away but only to the shore he knew he was by himself, no team to have his back.
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