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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: This verdict does not seem fair to me and the people who participated in the action as we spent time telling a story to leave Namalsk and join Chernarus, I was standing around waiting for the rest of my group to arrive so we can map switch and rp our exit off Namalsk. I had nothing to do with the explosion and the death. I was only caught in the radius of the explosion. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I spent the last day and a half building up my character. I joined a group of friends and they had a story going along allowing them to leave Namalsk and head to Chernarus. I tagged along and we had fun roleplaying our day and some change to leave the island, once we got to Western Military Island We were RP celebrating us leaving and heading to Chernarus, Two characters had a fist fight for fun or some sort, though resulting in his accidental death. I was relaxing by the bridge, hearing others talking about a landmine, not knowing they were planting it. I didn't acknowledge it until I blew up and died. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My characters Permanent death to be reversed and a unban from the servers. What could you have done better?: Roleplay acknowledge the landmine next time and stand further away from those talking about explosives. Edited: I know what happened was wrong which is deserving of this punishment. I do not condone this action at all. Also the photo is from before I agreed to the warning just for information and clarification if needed.
  2. Alexi Blazgovich has been a troubled man for some time. Hailing from Donetsk, Ukraine, one of its smaller cities. Despite his current state of affairs, his childhood was a more peaceful time for Alexi. Where he spent most of his days frolicking and enjoying leisurely activities; accompanied by some general labor to help his family out. It was into his teenage years when his shift in attitude and behavior began. His family began to suffer financial hardships, but were still holding on and making do with what they had. It was of growing importance of his father that Alexi receive a good education; one which may land him a well paying job in the future. He stuck by this idea, although Alexi desperately wished to help his parents by getting a job to help the family in their financial hardships. The atmosphere of the situation shifted in 2014, when war struct the Donbass region. Alexi's father had took it upon himself to volunteer to fight alongside the DPR against the Ukranian government, and in doing so; sent his son Alexi further east to Russia so that he may safely continue his education without interruption by the war. It wasn't even a year when Alexi, now at the time living in Shakhty, Russia, had received a letter from a close relative still in the Donbass region that his father and mother were both dead. His mother had succumbed to an illness, and for his father; he died in combat. It didn't take Alexi much thought to decide that he would leave his current life in order to head back into the Donbass region, to fight for the same cause his father died for, and so off he went. It wasn't long before Alexi found himself conscripted into a regiment within the DPR, assisting them in the war against the Ukrainian government. But in the back of his mind, he found guilt slowly consuming him; guilt that he knowingly went against his father's wishes of continuing his education. Despite this, he continued the fight, and stayed in the region for three years. After seeing three years worth of the horrors of war, as well as paying mind to the guilt that was slowly consuming him, Alexi desperately sought out serenity. The only way for him to do this was to flee the Donbass region. Without warning, he fled, hopping onto freight train that was headed east. He did this a few times till he finally found himself in the South Zagorian region, where he was aware of some distant relatives had been staying. At this point, Alexi went through the immigration process of becoming a Chernarussian citizen and settled down with his relatives. He spent the last three years of his life living this bleak life, trying to continue his education, but finding it hard to do so. It was like this, until the frenzied flu hit the region; and Alexi was forced back into another form of conflict that took a toll on his mental state.
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