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  1. "Want to hear an even bigger joke? Put your fucking hands up! *immediately dies*- John Moody
  2. I hope they do remove them so we can see if it actually changes anything. I have a feeling this whole "no guns" problem wont change.
  3. I agree my man. The things I "hoard" are cash for events and important building supplies that Im in the process of using. I don't require m4's to have fun in rp. I think its better in rp to have all my storage centralized whether it gets stolen from or not. I would like to use stashes for the super important stuff but they are rather risky atm.
  4. Its not that hard to stick a barrel in a tree in a forest to hide weapons. I really doubt that stashes are the main issue.
  5. 48hr stash timer is too short, and needs to be extended. Anyone with a life or leaves home for a couple days at a time will lose all their progress if they don't reset it. I know a lot of people cry about stashes, and blame them for their lack of "super duper tacticool rifles", but it effects the people that use it for things besides weapons. I think the timer should be 3 or 4 days rather than 2. Their are a million ways to hoard guns, and this 48hr timer does very little to prevent this. This timer makes it really annoying for people who use them for nails, building supplies, rp items like cash etc.
  6. Im under the impression that stashes despawn after 48hrs, is this true?
  7. Wait? So you are telling me you are having a hard time finding the best guns in the game that everyone wants?
  8. *The static is broken as the transmission starts* "They will return from whence they came. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. The unworthy, and those who resist judgement will receive their punishment upon the final stage of the cleansing. The price for blasphemy however is clear in the sacred book, and will result in the reaping of what you sow. Beware for the sacred word of R'lyehian, it is not to be disobeyed. Heed this warning, your ignorance has been lifted, and insolence will not be tolerated." *The sound of screaming can be heard as the transmission ends*
  9. I like the originality, hope to meet you guys IC.
  10. Yes sir Mr.Councilman , Ill get you that coffee right away sir.

    1. sh4wzy


      Chop chop!

    2. YO_MIKE



  11. Goddamn, have we met before IC for you to label us as hostile? The gang idea might not be very original, but I like how you fleshed it out and made it your own. edit: You should add goals that involve charging people for protection while in your territory.
  12. I wonder how you guys feel about pagan cults
  13. If logs are fixed then this is no longer a problem in my eyes. I have witness a ramp up in griefing lately, and was unaware that the logs were fixed.
  14. Their are multiple settlements like the one in Rogovo that gave out free food that got completely destroyed, leaving no trace of its existence. Logs are broken we all know, and unless it's getting fixed any time soon their needs to be another alternative. Like I said in my post personal bases wouldn't be included. Idk if it's possible to cherry pick the actual rp settlements from the bases. I'm not talking about a server wide indestructible wall patch
  15. We all know that their are a group(idk who) of people who consistently destroy any rp hubs that pop up around the map. This is getting ridiculous, and its impossible to catch them because they get on when the server is dead. This need to stop. Its actively hurting the rp because it forces people to build their settlements in hidden areas where no one has a decent chance of finding them. Everyone new fun rp settlement that pops up gets griefed or destroyed. What's the point of even trying to rp a settlement, because as soon as it becomes popular it's gone. I propose a new settlement rule system needs to be introduced. I am not talking about single man, or dynamic group bases. I talking about actual rp settlements open to (almost) all. For example, @Mademoiselle shouldn't have to deal with people griefing her settlement while everyone is offline when she is simply trying to set up a place for medical rp. Settlements under these new rules should have to be made by official groups, or maybe group ideas, and must not be some sort of locked fortress but a public settlement. I cant fully flesh this out at the moment because I'm running late but what do you guys think? Should registered public settlements have protection such as indestructible wall. Edit: since the logs have been fixed, the problem is fixed. I mainly made this to address the recent ramp up of griefing. Moving forward their is now a reliable coarse of action
  16. It's not worth the time it takes to report it. I just feel like no one ever talks about it so people just assume its ok. I think if people were aware that this could get them points for bad rp they would stop on their own.
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