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  1. YO_MIKE


    I think it would be cool to have a zippo style lighter for cigs, and to make an alternative to matches.
  2. YO_MIKE

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    @Wong I had a similar encounter with that Mexican guy in Novaya town square. Random people, my friends and I were talking, singing, and sharing stories around a fire when that Mexican guy came up to us insulting us while one of his friends stood behind a wall across the street waiting for us to do something. After like 30 minutes of him shit talking, another Savior joined in around the fire right as we started organizing boxing matches. Once another Savior joined us in the fun that mexican guy gave up and left. edit: It's just odd how two people from the same group can treat the situation so differently. One guy baits a group much larger than himself with insults and threats, while the other guy talks, and joins in the fun. I can't remember the name of the guy who joined us but he ended up adding a lot to the rp.
  3. Hope it works out, we pretty much have no non bandit groups.
  4. If you and a friend are both sick and take antibiotics stay away from each other until its gone from both of you. You can get cured then immediately get sick again if you are not careful, that's what happened to me last night.
  5. I think the solution to this is simple. If you want a base then you have two options, one is making a small camp in a hidden area to keep your items safe. Option 2 is making a base with walls, gates etc like what the Saviors have. If you choose option two and you don't have the man power to protect it then you shouldn't have built it in the first place. Hide it, or protect it, simple.
  6. Its not that hard to craft a torch or find a light source. What do you hate about it?
  7. I've been wanting a night cycle for so long, and it's amazing now that its finally here. The flashlights, torches, and various lighting elements look amazing. Only wish it lasted a bit longer though it felt really short.
  8. *Transmission starts* "Its plain and simple. We are normal survivors like most of you out their fighting for survival. We've been pushed around, strong armed, and betrayed by the Saviors for far to long. This past week the Saviors attacked a friend of ours without provocation, and attempted to strong arm me in the town square. We have finally decided to stand up and fight back rather than be pushed around by selfish thugs known as the "Saviors". To those of you who have accused us of hurting innocents you are incorrect, we have only acted against those who work directly for the Saviors, and those who would rather hide and conceal information on behalf of the Saviors. Our methods are not pure, but they are a direct response to the pain on suffering caused by the Saviors." *The sound of rustling leaves, and a mild breeze can be heard as the transmission continues* "Let this be known. All people found aiding and abetting the Saviors will be stripped of theirs weapons and questioned. All people found fraternizing with the Saviors will be warned and educated in the error of their ways. All Saviors.....Will be executed." *The transmission pauses then picks up again* "To all those who have been victimized by the Saviors, now is the time to pick up your arms and fight back. To all current enemies of the Saviors such as the last transmission we hope this endeavor can bring us together to achieve this common goal." *Transmission Ends*
  9. *The sound of a man being beaten in the background can be heard as the transmission starts* "You say you can keep your people safe, but your shrink here seems in pretty bad shape" *The sound of a solid punch can be heard as a man gasps for air* "Let this be a lesson to all of you Savior supporting rats out there, abandon them and help yourselves, help eachother rather than grovelling to low life scum." *The sounds of a man groaning in pain can be heard as another mans voice cuts in* "Dont be like Kevin here, supporting the Saviors is for the weak rats who would rather turn a blind eye to the Saviors injustices" *Transmission ends*
  10. *The sound of rain can be heard hitting plastic as the transmission starts* "We tried to be friendly, we tried to make peace, but the Saviors want nothing but trouble. They are nothing but a bunch of dead beat low lives who exploit the weak, and wage war against those who won't take their shit. Stop helping them. If they treat you nice it's because you have something they want, and it's only a matter of time before their grunts shoot you in the back to take it." *Transmission Ends*
  11. YO_MIKE

    The Highwaymen [Strict Limited Recruitment]

    Why only in character?
  12. @Zanaan I would like to close this report. I would have liked at @Sparkles to show a little more concern for his life, however after some reflection I believe his actions were some what justified considering circumstances.
  13. Their is no debate on whether or not their was a gun on you. Its extremely clear in my video that a gun was on you.
  14. watch my video it was pointed @Sparklez
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